18 Mar 2016

8th March 2016 Denmark's Elysium Fields.


Friday 18th 38F, 3C, heavy overcast, misty, light breeze. In breaking news: East European bicycle thieves were apprehended with their haul. They were using an angle grinder to break bicycle locks at 4am and attracted the attention of sleepless neighbours. Dare one presume that using an angle grinder at 4am is normal behaviour "back at home?" Given the sheer quantity of stolen bicycles leaving Denmark by the lorry load one must presume a 4am start is probably quite normal in Eastern Europe.

We must pray the neighbours did not inadvertently capture photos or videos of the event or the bicycle thieves will surely walk free. Probably with their lorry full of stolen bicycles and a nice fat handout of taxpayer's money as compensation for being illegally filmed on private property.

It seems it is quite often the case that many Eastern European criminals are "exported" back home after being found guilty of criminality. Even after serving long prison sentences, when they are automatically sent home at taxpayer's expense, they are back again on the next organized convoy of criminals seeking easy pickings in Open Borders Denmark. Last time anybody bothered to count there were nearly 200 defying expulsion orders. Including murderers and rapists.

My 'misty' photos were singularly uninspiring today.

The media was often full of stories that bicycle thieves were emptying whole racks of bicycles in the high streets of Danish cities. It was alleged, in the comments below the stories, that the police were always too "busy" to turn up when contacted. This may be a modern legend, of course.

I keep wondering what would happen if a UFO landed in a public space in Denmark. How would the Danes cope with recording the event for posterity? Do you tap the seven-armed, little green man on several shoulders and ask; "Would you mind?" But, after you've taken a few 'selfies' with the alien, then for god's sake don't offer to take him/her/it "to your leader" in your car! The fine for carrying an unregistered immigrant is a couple of thousand quid or [$3,000] in Denmark. Where would you be most likely to find the Danish leader? At 'home' in his palace. The Danish political elite do like to look after themselves. There was a huge row over the jet trips and allowances for attending climate meetings. The PM used to have bicycle rides where the entire peloton was his security staff. Or so I read.

Denmark: Land of equality? Ask disabled Afghan vets about their social security cuts. Well, somebody has to pay for the upkeep of all those palaces! Want a few billion kroner in some very dodgy tax handouts? The top Danish bankers and lawyers will happily oblige you, Sir. Want to hold a weekend flea market on your own front lawn to help to fund your pension cuts by having a bit of a clear-out? Make sure you have all the paperwork in order and pay taxes on your miserable few kroners "profit" from selling your own private property! Want to make millions buying and selling upmarket property on the same day? No charge, Sir. Have a nice day, Sir!

My usual walk was in 100 yard, patchy mist with heavy tire marks everywhere I went. There was a definite hint of pig shit on the air last night so this may be the start of the annual, Danish, gas mask festival. It goes on for months so there is no need to book early just in case you miss it.

In more breaking news: Hunters in Denmark have illegally shot a very rare eagle. It was found dead and full of shotgun pellets. Of course the bird is highly protected internationally. [Except against drunken, drooling morons with guns. Why do they all have such shiny flasks when they all wear drab green or camouflage?] Don't go taking any photos or videos of illegal shooting of rare eagles, whatever you do. Or you'll be in serious trouble with the law!

Bright sunshine after lunch but it still felt cold in the shade at 45F. Just a short, mid afternoon loop. It felt like a cold headwind all the way around even deep in the forest. Saw a chap flying a drone over a vast prairie miles from nowhere. A good place to practice. It climbed like a rocket! Quite noisy when it was trying hard. A fire engine was quite noisy too with its siren going though a village. Still some young bloke, with his family aboard, tried to go around it in a 50kph, 30mph zone outside a schools and several supermarket entrances! He ended up on the opposite pavement practically in the [unfenced] school playground with his wife looking thoroughly pissed off grim. Sheer luck nothing was coming the other way. Even luckier I wasn't wearing my action camera or I'd be in jail by now and the key thrown away! No doubt with an expulsion order, to boot, for undermining the happy state of Denmark. Only [10 miles] in Denmark. 


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