26 Mar 2016

26th March 2016 Turner would have done it justice.


Saturday 26th 37F, 3C, thick mist, light wind to start the day. My tinnitus is back. There seems to be no obvious 'trigger.' It can start on a ride, a walk, while I'm working on a project in the garden or wake me at night. I'll try not to let it make me bad tempered. We wouldn't want an excuse for another rant, would we? ;-)

A strange morning of changing contrasts on my walk. The mist lifted to a cold wind while I was at my highest point. Becoming almost Turner-ish at times but moving too quickly to capture well in stills. "Up on the tops" is a foolish exaggeration except that it is true in the strict context of my locality. I managed a couple of short videos of mist racing across the fields with the dark forest as a backdrop back-lit by glowing white light. If I can stitch these together and add these to YT you will see them here.

Once the thickest of the mist had blown away the sky broke into cloud and blue. Pooling patches of light crossed the landscape teasing me as I repeatedly failed to capture what I saw. Of the seventy three images I took during this morning's walk only a few held up under the inevitably limited inserted blog format. When seen full screen on my 24" 16x9 HD monitor they look completely different. Full of space and softly focused distance, mood and undulating rural interest. I suggest you click on the images for enlargements though the resolution will not hold up like my 3meg originals. There is a far better sense of perspective when seen in larger formats.

As soon as I returned to begin blogging and downsizing my images the sky quickly became overcast again. The birches and long stemmed willows are now rocking gently to and fro in the southerly wind. Which will, no doubt, provide some serious resistance to my outward progress on the trike after coffee. With rolls covered in lashings of very serious, Den Gamle Fabrik "The Old Factory" marmalade claims 45% oranges. Olfactory would do at a pinch. Excellent stuff and a morning ritual for me.

Late morning ride into a cold headwind. A dimwit was coming the other way holding a mobile phone to his ear the size of an A5 notebook. I saw him coming from 200 yards away. He didn't see me at all despite 200 yards warning of my approach and my solitary presence. He was about to cross my lane into a skewed junction when he realized that there was a grown adult on a tricycle in his path. A sudden violent jerk away and I had time to do my "put the bløødy phone down" hand signal. Of course he then stamped on the brakes and bellowed "watch yourself" after me. Well he had to didn't he? What with having his entire family in the car. It best not to get involved with the criminally mentally ill. We'll just have to hope he didn't beat up his family to compensate for his obvious inadequacies.

On a lighter note: Three small deer ran across a lane in front of me. Only about as tall as Labrador dogs but skinnier they were completely invisible once they reached a ploughed field. I see lots of different deer hoof prints on my walks. They can vary in size almost 3:1 between the  largest and smallest. I once saw a really tiny deer on Helnæs peninsula. I had no idea they existed before that sighting. 22 miles.
Sunday 27th 44F, 7C, windy, light rain and overcast. Not looking very promising as the rain has started earlier than forecast. Gusting to 15 m/s or 30mph on a 20mph base around lunchtime. Tomorrow is worse with gusts to over 50mph from an unlikely south east. This means the neighbour's smoke will be travelling so fast it may even reach the [smokey] neighbours to the west.

After struggling with YouTube's editor I managed to [easily] merge my two mist videos using Freemake Video Converter. I hate wind noise so I added some interesting sounds from Kevin MacKleod's Deep Noise. [Best heard through headphones or big speakers/subwoofer for best effect.] I really must learn to pan more slowly.

^ Click YT's Fullscreen button
 for best visual effect.

The only [world changing] news which caught my attention today was that Denmark is being invaded by hungry Mute swans. Normally they just sit in large numbers out in the sea inlets looking suitably decorative but comfortably distant. I saw two on a farmer's field the other day so it must be true. The UN have asked Putin to intervene with carpet bombing raids. While I can only suggest that swans have absolutely no sense of smell! Global Warming has a lot to answer for.

The clocks have gone forward, for those who missed it. So now I have no idea what time morning coffee is arriving today or what this means in relation to lunch. These are important questions. The Head Gardener is keeping mum so I daren't raise the subject willy-nilly. I just pray it doesn't lead to a bout of ranting because I'm really not feeling strong enough for that sort of thing after losing an hour of sleep. Perhaps I had better retire to the shed and pretend to do some more tidying? I could replace the kinked rear gear cable I suppose. Though I prefer to work outside where there's more light and room to move freely around the workstand.

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