24 Mar 2016

24th March 2016 A lesson for us all.


Thursday 24th 27F, -3C, hard white frost, clear blue sky and perfectly still with bright sunshine. The
only movement in the trees is from Wood pigeons flopping about. A Jackdaw has arrived in his smart, grey, down waistcoat and is bouncing around in the birches looking for nesting twigs. Chaffinches take their turn to perform heroic acrobatics in the willows. The only thing missing is the prancing horses. I'll be the token clown, if you like. Now the first breath of air has arrived and my tireless little anemometer gently begins its morning exercises. The wind vane points firmly eastwards at the blinding Sun. Clearly responsible for all of this delightful chaos. In the absence of a suitably sunny image you will have to make do with fluffy clouds and protesting landmark trees. Still standing against the felling of their cosy hedging skirts.

I left my gaiters at home as I chose to walk the three mile triangle around a local village. The same course I took when I used to thrash around on my bikes and later trikes. Only to return sweating and  exhausted from a single lap and badly in need of a lie down.

Mewing wakened me to the possibility of birds of prey and I looked up to see four buzzards spiraling together only a hundred feet overhead. They were soon a couple of thousand feet up but only two were circling when I returned an hour later.

The lesson from Brussels, and all the other utterly pointless atrocities, is that life must be lived to the full. Are you giving it everything you've got every day as if it were your last? Will you be glad you made the effort you did today? Will you go to bed tonight still breathless and excited by what you made of your day, and ours? Smile often. Somebody else may need one far more than you will ever know. Smiles save lives.

Ugly men, with equally ugly minds, take lives pointlessly because they have nothing whatever to contribute to humanity. Their minds are so small and empty that they implode to hatred and the simplest brain washing. Their lives are ruled from morning to night by the the weight of that huge chip they have carefully and selfishly constructed, for themselves, on their very own shoulders. That is no way to live. So, inevitably, they must die empty for empty causes. Any cause will do for an empty man, or equally deluded woman.  Pick a cause. Any cause. It's only slight of hand.  Or sleight of mind. True martyrs give their lives freely so that others may live. True martyrs do not pack nails into bombs to take innocent lives. All in the desperate hope of overcoming their all-consuming ugliness to win vacuous virgins with no morals nor knickers. True martyrs have no need of such petty rewards. 

Some of the happiest people on earth are desperately poor and live in terrible hardship from birth to death. Their smiles are all they can share and they are absolutely priceless yet given away freely. That is when their smiles and lives are not being taken from them, dirt cheaply, by greedy, evil, corrupt men with an agenda. Let the worms gnaw at the blind, senseless fools who cannot smile like a child in morning sunshine. Some are born dead behind the eyes and there are none so blind as those who will not see. [The folly of their thinking.]

It soon turned grey and started raining after lunch. As it was a religious holiday it was doubtful the shops were open. Null points.


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