6 Mar 2016

6th March 2016 "One cup at a time."


Sunday 6th 37F, 3C, thick mist, overcast, dead calm. Walked my usual loop in thick mist and fine drizzle. Upset a couple of geese resting on a field. I'm not sure who was more frightened at the sudden racket of flapping wings and squawking!

In "breaking" news Italy is asking asylum seekers to pay their acceptance bribes in kilos of sugar. With the opening of StarbuckSugarCo's first national sugar warehousing and distribution network, on Italian soil, Italy's prime minister is terrified of a national sugar shortage. Which might even bring down his government's [cough] slim majority.

Can Starbucks succeed in Italy? - BBC News

Just a mid-afternoon ride under even darker grey skies for 14 miles. Had a pleasant chat with an elderly couple about my trike.


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