29 Oct 2018

29th October 2018 You do the maths..


Monday 29th 38-42F, heavy overcast and breezy with rain or sleet forecast. Chilly but not freezing for my walk to the village and back. Rat running, intercontinental lorries outnumbered the cars this morning. Which was lucky because some of them were driving on completely the wrong side of the road on the sharp, blind bends. A couple of dozen Whooper Swans went over with one misery complaining bitterly about something or other.

A US Republican report has just been released in time for the elections. It is claiming that their tens of millions of homeless and hundreds of millions of working poor are much better off than Scandinavia's tiny number of homeless. The Republicans call it "The Scourge of Northern Socialism." I call it lies, damned lies and Chump's fake election news.

Any Scandinavian schoolchild will tell you that a tiny, ultra-rich minority of homeless will skew the average for the vast majority.  Ninety million homeless US people, with only a dollar each, still average only a dollar each.

Now add a single homeless person, with a billion dollars and lifelong rental of a "Prezidenshal Penthouse Sweet" at a Chump Motel. That one person can actually afford health care in the USA. Trump's Chumps would have to walk to Eaurope to get free healthcare on demand. Perhaps they should form a human caravan?

That nice Mr Bozo will fly in the finest caviar and vintage port, using modern slaves drones, for those who can afford it on their journey. Just watch out of for the crippling delivery charges! We were quoted 75Euros for P&P for a couple of tiny pots of vitamins yesterday! It seems the seller was charging 5 Euros P&P for every tablet! It's no wonder Bozo is the richest slave owner on the planet!

Tuesday 30th 45-52F, heavy overcast, breezy, misty and raining. Unexpected warmth is possible later. It might reach almost 60F. [But didn't. Not even remotely.] No doubt Denmark's precious few homeless will enjoy the balmy barmy weather.

Still no sign of the Chump's US caravan of homeless heading towards northern Europe for their free health care and generous, non-contributory, social security.

Hawkish Denmark was planning to deploy its vast fleet of nuclear weapon equipped F35s. To protect its shores from the oncoming invasion caravan [US: mobile home or trailer.] But these planes are already banned by the EU from overflying any European country on noise grounds. In fact the Russians have scrapped their radar and now rely on the global earthquake network to monitor all F35 movements. Stealth? Yeah, like sharing the bathroom with a trumpeting elephant.

My chest and ears have been bunged up recently and we are both suffering from severe aches and pains all over the place. We could blame all the recent crop spraying but it's probably just the traffic pollution which affects 93% of children globally. No mention, so far, of the number of adults enjoying "The Global VW haze." Most internal combustion engines are about 20% efficient. I'll leave you to work out where the other 80% ends up.

Wednesday 31st 47F, more heavy overcast, wind and rain! It stayed dry for my walk along the marsh and up through the forest. Lots of Mallards on the marsh pond. Saw several soaring birds of prey and a Jay crossing between the woods and the marsh. A timber harvesting lorry crossed the prairie to collect logs. The rotten weather is now slowly clearing to sunny periods but it is still blowing hard.

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27 Oct 2018

27th October 2018 That old bloke I see all the time.

Saturday 27th 40F. Another wet and windy day forecast. The clocks go back tonight to signal winter has arrived, again. Another raw day for a walk. Fleece cap pulled well down over your sticky-out ears. Yellow safety glass to avoid a torrent of tears streaming into those same hairy ears. Yellow jacket poppers done right up to the chin. Camera? Yes. Mobile phone in case of emergencies? Yes. Tissues?..... What else? Damn! Nearly forgot the binoculars. Again! Do seagull's eyes water? I think, on balance, probably not.

It stayed dry as I was buffeted along the rat-run, rural main road to the eerily empty lanes. Belittling my attempt to walk briskly and sensibly upright. Like a mature and proper gentlemen, performing his morning perambulations. Forcing me into that weird old bloke you see most days on your morning commute. Glaring or grinning, by turn, regardless of what's gong on around him. Bound to be senile! THEY all are at his age. Another burden on the poor, bløødy taxpayer! What good are they, after all?

Why is he always walking exactly the same route at about the same time? Who is he? Should he be allowed to walk along a busy road like that? Normal people don't go for morning walks. Not any more. Particularly old people. They have morning TV for them these days.

He looks to be at least 70! Even when he's obviously trimmed his beard and paid an annual visit to the village barber. How do they keep going? He is the spitting image of that print of an old fisherman you see in all the charity shop windows.  Except, this old bloke is a sou'wester short of an oilskin set.

Should probably be put in an old people's home. Where he can come to no harm. Tottering along the verge, like that. Getting in the way of people's cars. Typical pedestrian! Better than a bløødy cyclist though! You can never get past THEM when you're late for work! I wish I could retire and do bugger-all, all day! 😉

Sunday 28th 32-38F, white frost, light winds, cloud clearing to sunshine. Possible wintry showers forecast. It stayed cold but sunny for a short ride. Only 7 miles. Shops very busy.


22 Oct 2018

22nd October 2018 Built in [World] obsolescence.


Monday 22nd 45-52F. It should be a cool but sunny day. A storm tomorrow. The chill of autumn is definitely upon us despite today's sunshine. The slightest breeze requires hands be thrust deep into jacket pockets. Though I still need a hand free to wave the driving but "educationally challenged" away from me before they mow me down.

I'm calling this one "Built in obsolescence."

What's nearly 6' tall, wearing a large, bright orange jacket and ambling towards you over 200 yards ahead on a dead straight road? That's right, children! A walking, human being. You must have seen one before?

The latest health news is that a lack of exercise is worse than smoking, diabetes, obesity and a heart condition all put together. They forgot to mention road kill.

Nor neighbours "from hell" burning demolition waste directly upwind of you. Don't ask the council to measure the particle count or they will search for a way to make you guilty of inhaling! Or not properly arranging the contents of your recycling bin. Or not dragging the heavy bin, regularly enough, the 100 yards to the [commercial bin lorry's] nearest pickup point. It must be a planned way to get the septuagenarians to take some exercise.  Don't even get me started on non-recyclable black plastic! Why can't they dump it straight into the sea, or onto the verge like everything else?

The recycling bin lorry operatives will refuse to empty your bin if you are so bold as to throw a single, well washed, black, organic food tray in on top of the rest of the plastic. They even have a specially printed card to hang on the bin to embarrass you into total compliance with their [commercial] demands for primary segregation. Don't even think about bagging your empty bags or all hell will break loose! Another cause for sanctions and even hanging without trial. [Of pre-printed warning signs.]

Scientists now tell us that completely stopping oil and coal consumption won't be enough. We need to plant vast forests all over the world to soak up the excess CO2. I'd start in the Sahara but the multi-trillionaire despots in charge of these things don't have any money to spare for saving the planet. Not with many, minor prince's palaces each costing as much as the latest, US fighter jets.

Meanwhile, the takeaway suppliers are still felling rain forest to make their meat cheaper to increase their trillionaire investor's dividends. It is said that many high streets now contain more takeaways than parking places for their occasionally obese customers. Expect riots before long.

While the farmers are constantly nibbling away at hedgerows, copses and forests to increase their [exaggerated] acreages to satisfy the evil, EU dictatorship's demands. It would have been a good day for a ride but I was far too busy, again.

Tuesday 23rd 50F dark, windy and wet according to the forecast. The trees don't seem to have heard about the wind yet. The 40+mph gusts must be intermittent. Though they were right about the rain. Which stopped mid afternoon but the wind kept going. No ride today!

Wednesday 24th 42-51F, should be sunny and the wind much quieter. A raw day for a walk. Too busy for a ride.

Thursday 25th 50F, heavy grey overcast, breezy, windy later. Too busy for a ride.

Friday 26th 45F. A wet and windy day is promised and was safely delivered.

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15 Oct 2018

15th October 2018 Unutterly stupid, tweet-hole!


Monday 15th 55F, bright and sunny and almost calm. Left earlier than usual for a longer walk to the far woods.

Mid afternoon I was allowed out for a ride. So I chose the hilliest, triangular route I could manage in the time frame. Lots of cyclists about enjoying the mild and dry weather in the autumn break. I was wearing only shorts and racing jersey. The starting choice of a cycling cardigan, for extra warmth, was soon discarded into the bag. I seemed to be going well after early breathlessness on the hills. 20 miles.

Tuesday 16th 55F, light breeze, overcast and misty. The sky cleared briefly only to send another grey lid over my walk. Lots of pheasants out on the fields. Plus a pair of what looked like small waders. A gaggle of half a dozen pensioners went past silently on their roadster bikes.

Is it not better to be thought unutterably stupid than to tweet and prove it beyond all reasonable doubt? Why, when most of those considered great masters of their language are long dead, do so many assume that their tweet will raise the two dimensional bar of graunching mediocrity?

Is there no cretin more easily corrupted by the absolute power of free tweet, than those who have grudgingly mastered slow typing? A tweet a day keeps sanity at bay. Enough, already!

Wednesday 17th 57F a damp and misty start clearing to windy sunshine. There was a large double loop of vapour trail in the Eastern sky. I'd hate to be a passenger on that low budget flight! Pottered down the road to chat with a large male pheasant. I have no idea what he was complaining about but there he was standing out in a bare field. Obviously upset at my lack of intelligent conversation, he started off towards the nearest cover but then changed his mind to have the last word. I could only shrug and walk on. A cyclist, out training, had to swerve around me on the next blind corner. Silly old pedestrians, eh? Who needs them? 😉

Thursday 18th 52-54F, wet from overnight rain, breezy and clearing to brightness. The McSlobs litterer is back. Bags and trays and drinks all cast out of the window in much the same place as usual.

A cool but sunny start for my ride via the hills and forest. Rather windy too regardless of my direction of travel. The Danish supermarkets are still advertising non-existent stock of special offers for the umpteenth week in series. Even if there is no consumer protection in Denmark you'd think the EU dictators could do something. What about that nice Margrethe Vestager? The only politician on the planet worth her weight in gold instead of owning her weight in gold. Despite the usual setbacks I returned heavily laden. Saw my first woodpecker for ages.  The GripGrab fingered gloves were soon wet inside with sweat. Only 10  miles.

Friday 19th 36-52F, cold overnight, now sunny and still. Tesla announces a new Model 3 but at $45k. Still no $35k Tesla but this one offers marginally greater range. Only $45k? I'll have three! One each and one as a  spare. Nah. Make the third one the amphibious model. We are only 60 meters above sea level! By the time electric cars become affordable I shan't have the strength to swim to the shops!

A bit cold on the hands this morning as I passed the first white frost on the grass. Gorgeous, low mist was draped across the fields. Leaving the trees in stark contrast against the glowing, white wreath. Here's a thought: Shouldn't the owners of aircraft have to pay for the privilege of disfiguring our sky with their vapour trails? Don't even get me started on the racket the joy riding, fighter jets make most weeks. Noise pollution? They don't know the meaning of the word!

Saturday 20th 50-52F, cloudy but still. Cold on the hands again but the lack of wind helped. Quite a gathering of hunter's cars on the lanes. Hearing unexpected shots from close quarters is quite a shock. The sky is showing more blue now so some sunshine is possible. It remained mostly sunny until late afternoon. Too busy for a ride.

Sunday 21st 50-57F heavy overcast, light breeze. A cloudy day is promised. A quiet morning with very little traffic until WW3 broke out in the woods. Even this was short lived after the initial slaughter. Talking of which: I saw a dead cat and a dead polecat within a few yards of each other on the verge. The death toll from traffic is often ignored. The merest suggestion of drizzle in the air  but even that petered out.

It was more windy and even darker for my ride.  Legs a  bit tired on the long climb towards home with a load of shopping. Only 14 miles. Saw another road kill polecat.

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12 Oct 2018

12th October 2018 The Indian Summer continues.


Friday 12th 51-65F, calm, clear and expected to be bright all day when the sun rises. We might see 68-70F today. Which is rather rare for 55N in October.

An 11th Century, village church shines through the mist from its leafy, prehistoric mound. The huge altar stone lying outside and no doubt once used for human sacrifices, still makes lawn mowing a chore.

The Danish news relates that more terrorists have been throwing stones at traffic from motorway bridges. A little further away in Horsens this time. The police closed the motorway to ensure the debris was cleared. They are having much less luck than the German police. Who have just arrested two 18-year olds for throwing rocks from motorway bridges on numerous occasions.

It seems that there is a lower age limit for terrorism and they may escape a serious sanction on those grounds. We must hope their victims are satisfied with these sorts of criminals receiving only a short, community service order for attempted, mass murder. 

Talking of fuckwits: The street shootings between gang members continues unabated the length and breadth of Denmark. I hope the dope heads appreciate the sacrifice their "victimless crime" habits are causing their eager young suppliers.

Imagine existences so terrifyingly dull that they need chemical aids just to feel remotely alive? It's a bit like the national obsession with "happy pills" to ensure the Danes stay at the top of the global rankings.

Walked along the road to the steep track up to the woods. Down through the overgrown forest and back the other way. I had to make a quick exit when a huge spraying machine appeared over the hill. Fortunately the breeze was in my favour. Not so with a second spraying machine which was upwind of me as I neared home.

A detour uphill to the shops and along the lanes through the colourful, beech forest. Ten miles.

Mink gulls on hearing the breakfast bell.

Saturday 13th 57-69F, pink skies and breezy with sunshine. The forecast is for up to 73F today. Though the DMI has been overestimating maximum temperatures every day so far of this warm spell. Just a brisk 40 minute walk. Too busy for a ride.

Sunday 14th, 50-64F, bright and breezy. Another warm day is forecast. Pleasantly warm for my walk despite the wind. The rooks foraging on the fields soon flew away. Leaving the braver, hooded crows behind. The low sun cast shadows on the undulations and emphasized the precise, mechanical nature of the crop rows. Too busy for a ride.

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10 Oct 2018

10th October 2018 The utter helplessness of suffering from noise.


Wednesday 10th 44-63F,  a bright start, with light winds and a little misty. The mist and early light added enough interest to warrant quite a few photographs. Not many birds about today. Except for the mink gulls sunbathing on a humped field. They resented my presence, even at 200 yards and moved further away.

A warm and sunny day with light winds but it only reached about 63F. Did I mention that Lime has now removed its illegal el-scooters from Copenhagen's streets?

Thursday 11th 52-63F bright when the sun rises and temporarily calm. Warm and sunny all day but rather windy. No ride today.

Denmark has been using too high a figure for allowable traffic noise according to the WHO. [World Health Organization] Instead of Denmark's 58dB, the WHO suggests 53dB to avoid the chronic diseases which result from suffering excessive noise. The new figure would easily double the number of residents plagued by traffic noise. No doubt tyre roar is the major culprit.

There is a corridor along every major road and motorway where the constant noise is intolerable. I'd put that corridor as several kilometers wide from my long experience of cycling the motorway's nearby roads and lanes. Many otherwise, highly desirable properties are completely unsaleable at any price thanks to traffic noise.

The main problem with unwanted noise is the sense of absolute helplessness in being unable to avoid it. You can't sell your house, to go somewhere [hopefully] quieter, precisely because of the constant noise. Getting out of the car to view a rural property near any major highway can be a shock to the system! 

A few years ago the nearest road was resurfaced with much coarser gravel in the asphalt, than before. The sudden increase in traffic noise was staggering and continues to this day. Despite enjoying a greater distance from the road than many of our neighbours, it became difficult to impossible to hold conversations out of doors. Literally everything we said to each other had to repeated louder and from standing much closer to each other. Having a procession of intercontinental lorries using the same road as a rat run doesn't help.

The road is also popular with "sporting" motorcyclists enjoying the sharp bends and humped nature of the road at high speeds. Countless hundreds pass along the road in warmer weather on some days.We often compare it to the TT races as high performance engines scream along the short straights.

On my morning walks I can often hear a single car coming from a kilometer away despite being profoundly deaf in my left ear. When the sound finally subsides it feels as if I have gone completely deaf. Only the clomp of my walking boots reminds me that I can still hear a bit.

Then there is the constant crowing of the neighbour's several cockerels. From before 3am in the morning in summer, they scream their greetings to the world, almost without pause.

It used to be the same neighbour's continuous chainsawing from morning to night. As they produced firewood from felled logs for the extended family. I was fortunate and went to work in a noisy factory to get away from it on weekdays. My wife was not so lucky. Despite being an avid gardener she often had to retreat indoors when the chainsawing became too much.

The neighbour had been made redundant so sawed every day of the week for a decade and a half. For many years we would leave home early on weekend mornings. Only returning in the evening when the racket had finally died down. There was no other choice if we were to retain our sanity.

This was all going on just the other side of the shared, boundary hedge. Only a few short feet from our bedroom and living room windows. Then the inevitable tractor would be started close to the hedge so that a hydraulic log splitter could be used. The tractor was left running even when they went in for meals or to watch football on TV. Even as I struggled to repair our damaged roof after the Great Storm of 1999 they sawed logs from morning to night.

Fortunately the real owners of our adjoining back garden sold up and moved on. So the neighbours, who had only borrowed the previous lawn, lost their free sawmill grounds. The chainsaws still run but are more distant and have only pallets and demolition timbers to cope with. Rather than countless hundreds of tree trunks and large branches which passed through the garden next door.

The constant stench of burning oil paint on chipboard, or unimaginably worse, is just a small price to pay for being more distanced from the chainsawing. One day, some of the younger members of the extended family came around to our house. Their dog's years of constant crying and barking had driven us to open the windows and play the song: "Who Let the Dogs Out?" The kids told us that their "parents" were about to ring the police to complain about the noise!

In our last home, again a quiet, rural, detached property, our nearest neighbour let his dog bark for 18 hours a day on a fenced run on our side of his home. The dog never drew breath for years until we ourselves moved on. We had hoped dearly that the dog would pass on but it never did.

Here in Denmark the Welsh dog was replaced with another neighbour's dog. Which screamed like a cross between a baby and a tortured chimp for countless hours every single day as the father watched porn in front of his kids.

I visited my parents some hundreds of miles away in the UK to be woken in the middle of the night. By the sound of a vacuum cleaner being used energetically on bare floorboards just above the bedroom ceiling. This was accompanied by loud rock music blaring from wide open windows at 3am.

"Care in the community" mental outpatients were being housed by the local authorities in the flats just above the private apartments on the ground floor. This racket had been going on for years completely unknown to me!

Despite my widowed mother's protestations I went upstairs to remonstrate with them. The noise stopped for the rest of my short stay. There were five floors and dozens of families right along this smart Georgian terrace. I wonder how many other grateful neighbours sighed with temporary relief? I bet none of them would have dared to speak to the deranged culprits for fear of reprisal or even physical attack!

That's the problem with noise. We feel absolutely powerless to stop it. This has a terrifying long term impact on our lives and our health. What is also absolutely certain, without a shadow of  doubt, is that those who make the rules about noise enjoy a quiet 'leafy' neighborhood. They, unlike many victims of deliberate, or casual noise makers, sleep soundly at night!

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8 Oct 2018

8th October 2018 Mine's a scondhand, electric DUKW, please?


Monday 8th 48-55F, dark grey and windy but dry. The cloud is breaking up but it is chilly on the hands in the stiff breeze. Several large birds of prey were circling over a local hill. Though they were only visible through my binoculars. Too distant for my camera to register anything. I call it a hill but the trees show its true scale.

Wednesday 9th 52F, dark grey and breezy. Not nearly as cold as yesterday. A lady car driver swerved as if to run me over on the verge. Another car had arrived from behind me over the brow of the hill just as the lady driver was trying to go past me while giving me plenty of room.

The Danish government is suggesting that it is coming out with a new "climate" law. One of the suggestions is that wood stoves will have to be checked and updated to a newer model if out of date. i.e. Pre-2000, but only on a change of owner of the property.

A modest discount will be offered to those who voluntarily update their own stove. So anyone who doesn't move and who burns demolition waste in a prewar "boiler" won't be bothered by the law. It's filthy business as usual. Including the deafening chainsaws to saw up the filthy pallets and lead painted chipboard. While their Pre-WW1 chimney "safely" belches black smoke into the wind. A mere drop in the ocean compared with VWs genocidal profiteering.

The idea of giving a small discount on the huge import duties on electric vehicles has also hit a snag. The "Wide Open Borders" Left claim it was their idea. The Extreme Right don't believe it will reduce CO2 and AGW is a Commy con anyway.

The real problem seems to be the high price of electric vehicles. Giving a discount to the already wealthy to buy yet another car in the "luxury" price range is considered a bit non-PC.

Which makes a change after the government paid the middle classes to install solar panels with a repayment period of a couple of years, on their short term bank loans, from Grid feedback. They also gave tax discounts to those who could afford to hire Eastern European builders to install wine cellars and indoor swimming pools. While the general housing stock goes to rack and ruin because nobody can afford Danish labour charges.

It's modern slave labour at Danish taxpayer's expense, if you like. Most major Danish showpiece building projects are built with modern slave labour. A no-win situation if ever there was one. Except for the Eastern European people traffickers. Who are laundering their Danish taxpayer's money through Danish banks.

Combating AGW needs the masses to invest heavily in "alternatives" at their own expense. The trouble is that the alternatives are currently far too expensive. There are no mass market electric or hybrid cars. Most rural homes have at least two cars. A His and Hers and often one or two more for the offspring who haven't moved on. All are petrol or diesel driven and bought secondhand. It will take literally decades before the secondhand car market sees affordable electric vehicles via "trickle down."

By which time they will needs cars which can travel on water.  Is Ford or VW offering an amphibious car for the masses?  They had better do so soon or the masses won't be able to afford them decades down the [flooded] road. Not on top of the standing prescription charges for their entire family's "happy pills" as well.

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5 Oct 2018

5th October 2018 Look, Mum! No hands! [No brains.]


Friday 5th 56F, dark grey overcast, breezy with light rain. It stayed dry for my walk but with distant mist obscuring the furthest woods and views.

Copenhagen is to have 200 electrified [children's] scooters, for hire, as a "Lime" pilot project despite their being presently illegal. DR: Danish National TV, Radio and news media:

New transport mode hits the capital: 200 electric [children's style] scooters are put on the roads.

Ny transportform rammer hovedstaden: 200 elektriske løbehjul bliver sat på gaden | Indland | DR

My feeling is that the very small wheels are a potential disaster on typically rough road and cycle path surfaces. On my full-sized, touring trike, I have to constantly alter my track to cope with sunken drains, rough surfaces, ramps, broken road edges, private drives, gravel moraines, fallen branches and potholes. The cycle paths and lanes are no better and normally heavily littered.

Then there are the endless, projecting, asphalt ramps to provide access to private houses. They don't believe in "dropped kerbs" in Denmark despite all the bicycles. Probably because no Dane has independently come up with the idea under strict Janteloven Rules. These 'tar' ramps must be totally avoided if survival is considered a priority. I doubt a mountain bike with full suspension could cope with a direct hit on many of these access ramps. Mind you, dropped kerbs would probably mean a lurch downwards for cyclists. So it's all a bit swings and roundabouts.

My own wheels are typically full sized 700c x 25mm. Or about 28" in diameter by an inch wide with normal pneumatic, bicycle tyres. The same size as the majority of adult cycles right across the globe. Can this widely accepted size be any coincidence?

The local village roads would be absolutely suicidal on a skateboard. Which is probably why you never see them. Nor roller blade skates which have only slightly larger wheels. It would require a national, major upgrade in road surfaces if these scooters catch on nationally.

Will the constantly cash-starved, local councils [kommuner] be paid extra billions from taxes for major road repairs? All for this [supposedly] new and completely idiotic form of <cough> adult transport? What happens when some pre-pubescent teen hacks these scooters just because they can? Or because it will lead to a massive salary and a Porsche in exchange for a job in iT once they mature into real, online criminals? 

What about the ambulance services and police?  How will they cope with massed, fallen scooterists when they cannot manage their present workload? What about the loss of fitness and ill health of all those who give up walking or cycling to play overgrown children on a battery powered scooter? Or sitting around for days on end in ER. While waiting for the endless queue of alcoholic and drug addicted scooterists to be treated first?

Well, I can't sit here all day! I'm off to the supermarket on my jumbo-jet wingspan, human powered aeroplane. I really can't understand why these have never caught on for everyday commuting and shopping. They are just so incredibly convenient! 😏

The Danish police have announced that anyone caught riding a Lime, electric scooter on the road, before a law change, will pay a fine of 1000DKK. That's about £120GB or $150US. Lime has a lot of negativity publicity towards its business methods in ignoring local/national laws. A real bike shops has tried for years to have hire bikes parked in front of his premises but has always been refused permission. Now Lime has parked four of their electric scooters scooters in front of his shop. That's very likely to leave a bad taste in the cycle shopkeeper's mouth.

Analysts say that Denmark's stated plan to put a million electric cars on the roads will cost billions in lost taxes.

Saturday 6th 50F, very thick mist, grey and calm. The mist has almost lifted by 8.30am. A shopping ride is likely unless we are to go without the basics. I headed off for a hilly ride to another set of shops. Seemed to be going well enough though I was much too warm. The scull cap came off first. Soon followed by the windproof jacket. The GripGrab fingered gloves were wet with sweat despite it only maxing out at 57F. The trike was well laden by the time I headed home. 20 miles.

Sunday 7th 40F, bright and sunny start. Cloud expected later. A cool night.

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4 Oct 2018

4th October 2018 Maunder Minimum II


Thursday 4th 47F, dark grey, still and wet. Traffic is throwing up spray. Though it stayed dry for my walk to the village and back. There seemed to be more birds around than usual. Low cloud hung over the forest and obscured the windmill blades on the up stroke.

No doubt my rants must seems simplistic and even rather silly to some. I would counter that I am infinitely better informed and far less biased than the retarded president of the disunited states. My rants allow me to unburden myself of some irritation best not kept in.  

I now hear from my sources [Not Fox News!] that low solar activity points to a new Maunder Minimum. i.e. Short Ice Age to the unread and unwashed. I am already selling plots [on eBay] for the Thames Great Winter Car Boot Sales. So ensure your favourite spot before the rush!

It seems my recycled collection of down jackets was not amassed completely in vain. Albeit I was a decade ahead of the curve and a decade too early to maximize my advantage. Even if it causes a temporary downturn in temperatures AGW will be back with bang after the event. Invest in goose down now. While you still can. Eider ducks are bound to become an endangered species!

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3 Oct 2018

3rd October 2018 "Sparklers?"


Wednesday 3rd 45F, windy but becoming bright as the sun rises. An early ride to the shops is indicated if malnutrition is not to rear its ugly head. 😉 Another seven miles to save the planet.

Denmark's prime minister wants to ban petrol and diesel cars sales by 2030. The problem is that the EU dictatorship has to agree. Denmark's tiny population buys less cars per year than Hamburg alone. So it isn't in a strong position to force change. Fortunately many other EU countries are discussing this very subject.

Quite how they intend to put a million zero emissions cars on Denmark's roads is not yet explained. The Danish tax system is based on vehicle value. Electric cars are presently far more expensive than the genocidal, fuel based vehicles, like VW diesels. So the Danish tax system itself is a major hurdle to such plans. Having a large fleet of electric cars would provide the desperately needed, overnight grid storage for wind power and increasing solar. While all that car tax helps to pay for large fleets of new and very much noisier, American fighter aircraft at £100 million per crash landing. 

Conventional "oil powered" vehicles and diesels in particular, are causing major ill health around the world. The remaining, vehicle manufacturers desperately avoided getting involved in "alternatives." That is until Tesla proved it was possible from a standing start. An all-electric car set a new record on America's most famous hill climb at Pike's Peak. The sight of standard Tesla models easily beating American muscle cars in drag races suggests that "petrol heads" will soon need another name. What about "Sparklers?" It should go with the garish tattoos.

The battery problem is still not resolved but feverish research is going on around the globe for greater energy density. To provide greater range without thermal risks. Not to mention smaller and lighter and hopefully, very much cheaper, battery packs. Our desperate need for mobile communicators is helping to drive the charge. While the coming flying 'drone' taxis are in desperate need of range and speed which demands smaller and lighter batteries. Electric bikes come along way down the list of priorities but we may yet see trickle down from the more traditional, serial road kill. 

The potential for valuable patents for major new battery breakthroughs is not to be ignored. Isn't it odd how many electrical terms crop up in our everyday language? Meanwhile, the geopolitical changes brought about by a major loss of interest in oil production will be dramatic.[Hopefully.] Oil and gas provide power to some of the most corrupt, backward, downright evil and least desirable dictatorships on the planet. Placing billions of lives, particularly women's, under their reign of terror and mayhem.


1 Oct 2018

1st October 2018 Their cosmetic needs.


Monday 1st October. 40-54F, sunny and calm but showers possible. There was a sprinkle of light rain as I walked to the village. Though it soon passed over.

As did a ragged chevron of noisy geese. My presumption was that the chatter was discussing what danger I presented to their progress. They veered away from me and only recovered their original westerly route after passing over the village. There were several rehearsals in reforming their chevron before they settled into a pattern.

A young man in a heavily tinted, black car nearly ran me over as he tried to reach something on the passenger's side of the dashboard. It is nice to know that he values human lives so little. Yet values an illegally darkened windscreen and his ephemeral needs, far more than [my] mere flesh and blood.

Just another sociopath by definition. They used to call them psychopaths but Holie-wood gave them a bad name. Nobody knows what a sociopath is. So that doesn't interfere with their basic human rights to be complete a-holes.

A council worker was walking beside a rather loud, remote controlled, tracked lawnmower on the steep grass below the church mound. My attempts at photography were hampered by the passing traffic.

The garden trees were full of dashing blackbirds on my return. Rumours of my imminent funeral were, yet again, fake news. Talking of which: I see that well-worn rumour, that driving nose-to-tail will shorten commuting times, is still doing the rounds.

Tuesday 2nd 46F, very heavy overcast with rain. Sheets of it falling nearly horizontally by 11am. A very wet and windy day. Shopping ride postponed until tomorrow.

There was a strange story in the Danish media on the loudness of vehicles and motorcycles and a call for traffic noise reduction and fines. The Ferrari [whatever] topped the scale at 115dB. The Tesla S was rated at a lowly 0dB. Which is complete nonsense. Even a quiet room is 50dB.

On rural roads governed by 50mph speed limits the Tesla is just as loud due to tyre noise as any other vehicle. Arguably worse than many due to the sheer size of its tyres. Tyre volume seem to escalate road noise on roads with a coarse gravel finish.

It's a big car by European standards but makes late model Audis and BMWs look like early Soviet tanks! A Tesla always puts a smile on my face. The body design is wonderfully sleek but may have been kept deliberately conservative to avoid frightening off early adopters. I noticed as soon as they arrived that they use a lot of car parking space. Particularly on length.

How do I know about Tesla road noise without owning one? There are several different coloured Tesla cars using the local roads. They pass me regularly when I'm walking or cycling. If every car on the local motorway was a Tesla the noise would still be completely intolerable to unfortunate neighbours! A chain of commuters passed me yesterday with a Tesla on the back. It's road noise was noticeably higher and lower in tone than the normal Euroboxes ahead of it. More reminiscent of the big rubber of 4x4s which produce a much deeper roar.

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