15 Oct 2018

15th October 2018 Unutterly stupid, tweet-hole!


Monday 15th 55F, bright and sunny and almost calm. Left earlier than usual for a longer walk to the far woods.

Mid afternoon I was allowed out for a ride. So I chose the hilliest, triangular route I could manage in the time frame. Lots of cyclists about enjoying the mild and dry weather in the autumn break. I was wearing only shorts and racing jersey. The starting choice of a cycling cardigan, for extra warmth, was soon discarded into the bag. I seemed to be going well after early breathlessness on the hills. 20 miles.

Tuesday 16th 55F, light breeze, overcast and misty. The sky cleared briefly only to send another grey lid over my walk. Lots of pheasants out on the fields. Plus a pair of what looked like small waders. A gaggle of half a dozen pensioners went past silently on their roadster bikes.

Is it not better to be thought unutterably stupid than to tweet and prove it beyond all reasonable doubt? Why, when most of those considered great masters of their language are long dead, do so many assume that their tweet will raise the two dimensional bar of graunching mediocrity?

Is there no cretin more easily corrupted by the absolute power of free tweet, than those who have grudgingly mastered slow typing? A tweet a day keeps sanity at bay. Enough, already!

Wednesday 17th 57F a damp and misty start clearing to windy sunshine. There was a large double loop of vapour trail in the Eastern sky. I'd hate to be a passenger on that low budget flight! Pottered down the road to chat with a large male pheasant. I have no idea what he was complaining about but there he was standing out in a bare field. Obviously upset at my lack of intelligent conversation, he started off towards the nearest cover but then changed his mind to have the last word. I could only shrug and walk on. A cyclist, out training, had to swerve around me on the next blind corner. Silly old pedestrians, eh? Who needs them? 😉

Thursday 18th 52-54F, wet from overnight rain, breezy and clearing to brightness. The McSlobs litterer is back. Bags and trays and drinks all cast out of the window in much the same place as usual.

A cool but sunny start for my ride via the hills and forest. Rather windy too regardless of my direction of travel. The Danish supermarkets are still advertising non-existent stock of special offers for the umpteenth week in series. Even if there is no consumer protection in Denmark you'd think the EU dictators could do something. What about that nice Margrethe Vestager? The only politician on the planet worth her weight in gold instead of owning her weight in gold. Despite the usual setbacks I returned heavily laden. Saw my first woodpecker for ages.  The GripGrab fingered gloves were soon wet inside with sweat. Only 10  miles.

Friday 19th 36-52F, cold overnight, now sunny and still. Tesla announces a new Model 3 but at $45k. Still no $35k Tesla but this one offers marginally greater range. Only $45k? I'll have three! One each and one as a  spare. Nah. Make the third one the amphibious model. We are only 60 meters above sea level! By the time electric cars become affordable I shan't have the strength to swim to the shops!

A bit cold on the hands this morning as I passed the first white frost on the grass. Gorgeous, low mist was draped across the fields. Leaving the trees in stark contrast against the glowing, white wreath. Here's a thought: Shouldn't the owners of aircraft have to pay for the privilege of disfiguring our sky with their vapour trails? Don't even get me started on the racket the joy riding, fighter jets make most weeks. Noise pollution? They don't know the meaning of the word!

Saturday 20th 50-52F, cloudy but still. Cold on the hands again but the lack of wind helped. Quite a gathering of hunter's cars on the lanes. Hearing unexpected shots from close quarters is quite a shock. The sky is showing more blue now so some sunshine is possible. It remained mostly sunny until late afternoon. Too busy for a ride.

Sunday 21st 50-57F heavy overcast, light breeze. A cloudy day is promised. A quiet morning with very little traffic until WW3 broke out in the woods. Even this was short lived after the initial slaughter. Talking of which: I saw a dead cat and a dead polecat within a few yards of each other on the verge. The death toll from traffic is often ignored. The merest suggestion of drizzle in the air  but even that petered out.

It was more windy and even darker for my ride.  Legs a  bit tired on the long climb towards home with a load of shopping. Only 14 miles. Saw another road kill polecat.

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