5 Apr 2020

5th March 2020. Day 23. Today's Jinping Pandemic Darwin Award: 不 5G mast burners! 不


Sunday 5th, 40-56F, bright with thin, milky cloud. This is awful: Today's April "heat wave" could reach 14C in continuous sunshine! A walk to the lanes with a nagging southerly breeze taking the edge off the spring sunshine. Lots of small birds playing "tag" in the hedges.

The day remained bright sunshine but increasingly windy. Even at 55N I was wearing my winter down jacket and gloves! Interesting that our road is being favoured this weekend by sporting motorcyclists on high performance machines. We get them in their hundreds in high summer. Though it is rare indeed for them to be out this early in the year. It could be the pandemic is giving them all a reason to have a ride before they die young. Or just the unusually warm and dry conditions.

Today's Jinping Pandemic Darwin Award goes to: Willfully, educationally disadvantaged, UK arsonists! [Aka: Total fuckwits!] You'll never guess what they did? Sorry, I can't stop laughing.. 不 They tried to set fire to 5G mobile network masts! Why? To stop the spread of the Jinping Virus. 不 In the UK, no less! 不 Though it was in the Midlands. So it is almost understandable. I hear there's "quite a lot of it about" in those parts.

I mean: Do what? 不 Bloody Hell! 不 WTF? 不 Dugh? 不 Really? 不 Dogh? 不 Que? 不 Fack me! 不 OMG! 不Does not compute! 不 Sheesh! 不 They did what? 不 I don't believe it! 不Words fail me! 不

Surely, everybody knows, by now, that you just need a mask, big enough to go around the antennae at the top of the mast. That would easily stop the Jinping Virus from spreading out. Job done!

Since these people are also highly likely to be "willfully employment disadvantaged" they could get their long term carers to help them set up a GoFundMe: With: "Your message here!" advertising to pay for the cloth. But using stolen sewing machines from all the house break-ins. Do Midlands burglars actually steal sewing machines? They are pretty, bloody heavy, you know! Too much like hard work, I would have thought. 

Nah. There are surely loads of modern slavery, sewing sweatshops in the Midlands. All employing trafficked "illegals" in far better working conditions than the big sports labels sweatshops in Bangladesh. These UK sweatshops have had decades of practice at producing <cough> designer ball gowns for titled [and entitled] debutantes. Some of whom must have been willfully weight disadvantaged. [i.e. Corpulent heiresses having "child bearing hips" and desperate "to be covered."]

So the slave seamstresses could could have done quite a decent job of running up a nice, big, 5G, mast mask. Not to mention doing it in tasteful fabrics for hardly any money at all. Even allowing for the fleet of gold plated Lambos for the sweatshop owner to drive around in. Despite being officially registered as claiming benefits for his "extended family" over several decades.

The above was intended to be mildly amusing. If only to myself. The truth is that Facebook Advertising.com is hosting a group of evil fuckwits bent on damaging the UK mobile phone infrastructure at this critical time for communications. Facebook refused to close the group until the BBC raised the issue. Only then was the group closed down. Until then, Facebook's advertising revenue was far more important than real people's lives.

 Coronavirus: Scientists brand 5G claims 'complete rubbish' - BBC News

It seems their evil fuckwittery has resulted in critical staff being confronted, while on duty, by the deranged, willfully, educationally disadvantaged. [Aka:Non-PC: Retards.] As well as numerous masts being damaged by those of a similar level of drooling idiocy. Which is really no joke at all! Professional Russian activists trying to undermine the UK on Pootin's orders? Who can tell? Except Facebook Advertising.com.