16 Jul 2018

16th July 2018 Scorchio again!


Monday 16th 66-83F, bright and breezy. A repeat of all the recent, hot and sunny days. Still no end to the drought. Trike shopping beckons, but not yet.

Mink gulls complaining about the room service.

As I walked along the main road I could see pillars of black smoke rising from a farm in the distance. Perhaps 3km away across the sandy coloured fields. It had stopped on my return. So that saved me worrying about reporting it to the fire brigade. With all the inevitable misunderstandings over the local pronunciation of the names of scattered hamlets.

There is a total nationwide ban on open flames out of doors. Though that doesn't stop "the special people" having their ritual barbecues. With grey smoke wafting away above the crops. Where they can't see it whilst bent over their expensive hardware in the middle of this extended drought. Sweden is fighting bush fires which are out of control. A hot and sweaty 73F by the time I returned at 9am. It could reach 80F again later. It actually reached a sweltering 83F in full sun. Too busy for a ride. Hopefully there's still something left for dinner tonight.

Tuesday 17th 70F @ 8am. Warm and calm with possible, thundery showers after lunch. 80F before 10am. A large heron crossed my route without deviating from its path. Then returned later going the opposite way.

I was sweating on my walk up to the woods and back along the other way. The stubbled "prairie" was like a desert under a tropical sun. There is a distinct haze today. Taking away any hope of distant views from the top of the hill.

A Red kite was circling effortlessly at no more than 100' near home. But I made it safely without appearing on the breakfast menu. Another bird behaving far more tamely than usual.

Definitely a ride in the offing today if we are not to suffer malnutrition. I was really looking forwards to some organic, wholemeal rolls but they were green and moldy in the bag several days before "best-by." They had been stored at only 70F. What's pidgin danish for moldy? Mugne or muggen it seems. I'll have to take them back and see what they say. The shop, that is. Not the rolls. These rolls are dead, deceased, they are no more, they have gone black! Duly replaced without question.

A late morning ride to the shops. Warm and sticky outside but delightfully cool in the supermarkets. So, if you're heat stressed you know where to go to cool off. Only 7 miles. 82F @ 13.00. Getting much cloudier now. So there might be a slight chance of a local shower. It looks as if Sjælland is enjoying some rain but it never gets much closer to Fyn on the radar.

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