24 Jul 2017

24th July 2017 Carrying the can.


Monday 24th 60F, 15C, bright, but rather cloudy with no wind. Walked briskly to the village in slightly sticky conditions even for a fairly lightweight jacket. The road was splattered with yet more slugs. The Head Gardener has already passed a full builder's bucket milestone and gone on to the next from collecting the nasty things within the boundaries of our thousand square meter, rural garden. A score of swallows were enjoying the airspace over a pretty village pond below the church on its prehistoric hump. With lilies and irises looking particularly well at this time of year. 

Can anyone explain how somebody in sore need of an "energy" drink can manage to carry the full can to the checkout and then outside the shop all the way out to the car park? But having once consumed all that "concentrated energy" they no longer have the physical strength to reach the nearest waste bin? 

The same goes for takeaway snacks. They are so weak from hunger they repeatedly risk shortening their lives at one of these "healthy foods" establishments. Once they have regained their missing strength it's the same old story. The multi-layer packing is just tossed onto the verge through the car window.

Meanwhile I have regularly ridden up to 80 miles without so much as a sideways glance at an "energy" drink or takeaway snack and still managed to reach home having missed real meals! I didn't even have a reserve of "between meals blubber" to call upon as an "energy" reserve. I looked more like a [bent] stick in just my shorts than something which would roll downhill unaided. 

I was allowed out for a hilly ride today. Mixed periods of sunshine and cloud with light winds. Going well and climbing out of the saddle a lot of the time. The countryside and forest were looking gorgeous again today. Only 20 miles.