14 Mar 2016

14th March 2016 A nutter each way keeps the doctors in pay.


Monday 14th 39F, 4C, heavy grey overcast, slightly misty, calm. It felt almost like very light rain as I walked along the marsh. Upsetting several pairs of Shelducks in the process. The woods were very quiet again with just the occasional warning cluck from the blackbirds. The field tracks were surprisingly firm so I could change my route at will. Not inspired to take any pictures today. So you'll have to make do with one from yesterday. Normally boring, roadside weeds with light hoar frost put on a pretty show. Suit yourselves. You will anyway.

A raving nutter came round a completely blind, sharp corner at over 60mph scraping the verge with myself at the apex. I had to jump onto a low wall or I would quite literally have been dead! At the speed he was travelling he would have needed 100 yards to come to a complete stop. His viewpoint gave him no more than 10 yards before he could even start to think about braking. Suicidal, mentally ill or homicidal? Take your pick. The sooner they separate the [sub]human race from the steering wheel the better!

I am not just an accident victim! I am not just another statistic! I am flesh and blood! If I did not walk defensively, just as I have always driven and ridden, I would have been dead years ago. If there was a sensor for limiting vehicle speed to match a braking distance sensor, vehicle "accidents" would be a tiny fraction of the everyday mayhem and slaughter. Why do I have to constantly adjust my own behaviour just to protect myself from criminally insane drivers? Why aren't they all locked up? Why do they make it hard for nutters to own guns but give driving licenses to any raving lunatic who asks for it?

Another young driver, playing blind man's bluff,  pedal to the floor, going the opposite way doing well over 60mph on another, sharp, completely blind corner! Why can't they drive as if their parents were having a hand in hand stroll in their traffic lane? What parents? Mid afternoon ride playing dodgems with the lunatic commuter 'trains.' Miles and miles of double white lines, blind corners and blind humps but still they sit on each other's tails waiting for the chance to overtake. If dogs behaved like that in the street they'd throw a bucket of water over them. You'd think they'd have a cure by now. Shame they stopped doing full frontal lobotomies, isn't it? 7 miles.

Tuesday 15th 38F, 3C, light northerly breeze, rather cloudy but not really overcast. The forecast is the same as before. Possibility of some sunshine. We had precisely none yesterday. Then it cleared when it became dark. I reversed my usual walk just for a change of scenery. Disturbed a large, pale grey and buff bird of prey with a long tail and pointed wings in the woods. It has just reached a very mild 45F, 7C at 10.30am but become much more uniformly grey. I have trimmed my beard so it is time to think about a first hair cut of the year. Enjoyed a ride along quiet lanes with increasing northerly winds for 20 miles.

Wednesday 16th 32-46+F, 0-8+C, calm, clear blue skies with warm sunshine. I looped along the forest tracks for a change of scenery. Despite heavy frost in the shade, it soon became far too warm for my jacket in the bright sunshine. Then off came my jumper as well. It was like Piccadilly Circus on the track back from the woods. A young chap with a dog stopped his 4WD and walked straight across the field to the marsh pond. So much for my keeping to the tracks to protect the infant crops! By the time I had walked the length of the track he had already returned to his vehicle and drove past me, still welded to his mobile phone. The early movement of the wind turbines had faltered and completely petered out by the time I was heading home.

Left after lunch for a hilly rural tour. I was just crossing a busy shopping road with a 30kph, 20mph speed limit when two teenage, village idiots [Dullardus rurallyii 'Turds']  drove at high speed up behind me in their crapmorustbile and blasted their horn for me to get out of their way. Several pensioners waiting to cross the road were so shocked they backed away from the kerb. After that the morons matched my speed, driving alongside and trying to push me into the kerb. The desperately inarticulate, teenage moron in the passenger seat was then encouraged by the driver to empty the contents of the ash tray into my lap. I found several fag ends on top of my saddlebag at my next stop.

We were rapidly approaching an infants school where the waiting parents all turned to see what the [passenger's] shouting was all about. The morons then turned promptly right at the school and roared off past the school's main entrance on their way to a lifetime of drooling myopia.

The observant will, no doubt, have noticed that their former urgency to obtain emergency brain surgery, which required such high speed in the high street, was cancelled at a stroke. Their haste instantly became a mere stroll once they had latched onto a suitable victim for their psychopathic disorder. It's always the other person's fault. Even when the prison authorities try to "learn them different." The murderous bank robber always blames the police for catching them. No doubt they also blame the dead, gunshot victims and their families and friends until the ends of their own, utterly wasted days. "They grassed me up!" Is a lifetime [default clause] excuse for their every failure and was soon honed in the school yard at their infant school.

This busy rural shopping street enjoys near 98% non-compliance with the posted speed limits. Buses, dustbin lorries, articulated lorries, tractors, cars, motorbikes, scooters and mopeds, all completely ignore the low speed limit. Many would be caught exceeding the national speed limit if there were actually any speed cameras. In Denmark it is against a driver's basic human rights to be caught breaking the law by a speed camera. There must be several weeks notice given in the local papers and multiple warning signs at frequent intervals spread over a distance of at least 100 kilometers upstream of those nasty, inhumane cameras. 23 miles, not out in the "World's Happiest Land." 

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