23 Mar 2016

23rd March 2016 Pt.2 Early Heavy Bombardment!


Wednesday 23rd 41-46F, 5-8C, breezy, bright sunshine, blue skies.

As I readied myself for my walk I started clearing my throat but found I couldn't. I was drowning in my own juices! Opening the front door explained why. Weapons grade pig's diarrhoea was being spread on the field across the road.

I had to walk alongside to get to my exit so I took some pictures of the beast responsible. It was crawling at walking pace across the huge, undulating field. A long hose stretched hundred of yards back to an oversized shipping container, on wheels, behind a large tractor. The seat and controls of the machine were reversible to that it could retrace its route without turning the whole machine around. Which saves putting a twist in the hose. Refills in the shape of vast, immaculate, 7-axle, mirror-polished, stainless steel, tanker lorries started arriving. They parked beside the nearby lane and emptied their contents into the shipping container on the field to be pumped along the seemingly endless hose to the machine.

Ordinary muck spreaders have large, on-board tanks and have to return to the farm for refills once emptied. The big reel which contains the hose can be seen in the middle of the machine. The savings in time and mess from remaining on the field are obvious. The hose fed machine avoids repeatedly carrying mud off the fields and onto the roads.

Fortunately my chest cleared once I was upwind of the stench and ammonia. As I crossed the prairie on my way to the woods a Red Kite came over. It was still being mobbed by a pair of crows until well out of sight in my 8x40 binoculars. I returned the way I had come to try and capture some images of the tankers and container but they had moved on too far down the lane to be worth pursuing. The tankers were not there long enough to reach before I could walk there. Buzzards where wheeling and soaring high overhead as I returned home.

Just a short, mid-afternoon ride for 7 miles. A driving terrorist shot through the shopping high street, past the school and busy supermarket entrances. When I shook my head he gave me the V-sign. Just another day in psychopath's paradise. No cameras. No police. No crime.

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