4 Mar 2016

4th March 2016 Van spotting.


Friday 4th 35F, 2C, light breeze, increasing to 20mph gusts. heavy overcast. Should remain dry, unlike tomorrow which looks foul from this distance.

Apparently, many Danes are so sick of speeding motorists passing  their homes that they are offering their gardens and parking areas to the police camera vans. The combination of public and private speed controls is approved by road safety experts. Police camera vans on the road or verge must advertise their presence to give illegally speeding drivers a chance to slow down for a few yards. [Only in Denmark?]

Not so, with hidden vans on private property. Unfair! Claim the illegal speeders. Camera vans hidden in gardens will be almost impossible to spot before the driver can stop [routinely] breaking the law for a few moments. Must the police advertise their presence, in advance, when [say] bank robbers pull up carrying assault rifles? How many innocent family members die or are maimed as a result of bank robberies in Denmark? Or anywhere else for that matter? [Just askin'.]

Imagine if a hardened, drunken criminal took to the public spaces with a 1.5 ton baseball bat, sledgehammer, mace or sword. Then wielded it indiscriminately at all and sundry outside a local school.  How long would it take for the police to arrive? Would they need to advertise their presence, in the local papers, or with roadside signs, in advance of making an arrest and carting the "raving nutter" off to jail? Or even shot that 'hardened criminal' to death for public safety reasons? Just askin'.

Walked a pleasant and quiet rural loop coming back past the big pond. There were at least fifty Shelducks sharing the water with the noisy Mallards. I disturbed another flock of Fieldfares foraging on short grass. An Audi driver proved, once again, that arrogance and ignorance are usually found in equal measure. He sped back and forth in the narrow lanes without the slightest attempt to slow for completely blind corners. Nor even to place his vehicle remotely correctly on the road. Engage ignition. Disengage brain. The only amusing part of this clown's "performance" was having his company name plastered all over the vehicle. Sadly I am, by law, unable to advertise his company nor share any images or videos which might help to identify this "complete loser."

I often wonder whether losers are put on this planet as an example to the rest of us. Everybody has their part to play on the stage of life. If we cannot learn from them then what other purpose do they serve? Why was there ever more than one Heroin addict, for example? Or more than one murderer or thief? Even when the penalties are harsh, and known to all, there are still criminals and prisons. As if by some fluke of nature, probably related to the social class of early ownership of private cars. There exists a parallel legal and moral universe as far as driving is concerned. My clumsy examples hardly touch the surface concerning the countless crimes committed on every stretch of public road around the globe.

"He/she died on the road," is no news unless it was a celeb film star or famous sportsperson. Yet the headlines clamour their peals of bells to the slightest sign of "foul play." Vehicular murder? The perfect crime goes completely unnoticed. Have you noticed that there is not even a direct reporting system for drunken or dangerous driving even in our age of "Information Technology?" The top three levels of management, where I once worked, were all legless alcoholics by lunch time. For years they all drove home [early] in luxury cars suitable to "their high rank." How were they able to get away with it when they could hardly walk to their cars? Was it the responsibility of the lowly minions to break ranks and report them? Or all the other "middle ranks" who knew implicitly what was a daily occurrence? When is collusion guilt by association. When does it become corruption? What tangled lives we lead!

Just a short ride under more grey skies into a cold easterly wind. Cruising at 16-18mph coming back and hit 21 mph climbing a hill. Still practicing climbing out of the saddle. Only 7 miles. 


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