23 Mar 2016

23rd March 2016 Sober news from Belgium.


Wednesday 23rd 37F, 3C, light winds building, bright but cloudy. 

Belgium's annual road death toll for 2013 alone was 476. [Wiki.]
Of which 25% were "innocent civilians" on foot or cycling.
Road traffic accidents are only 15th in the causes of death in Belgium.
Yet they still sell crap "foody" products laced with weapons-grade sugar.
Packed with dangerous fats and strongly suspected additives and colouring to innocent children and adults alike. 
The most dangerous place on earth is your local supermarket.
Food chains are many times more likely to kill you than a bunch of deranged lunatics.
Is there an armed police presence at your local supermarket? 
Are there police helicopters overhead with SWAT teams aboard? 
Are they monitoring entries to your supermarket and excluding "at risk" types?
Are the obscenely obese being denied sugar bombs?
Are the supermarket staff highly trained to spot "danger" signs?
Are there security cameras monitoring "risky" behaviour?
Is the huge display of sweets and drinks locked for safety and under trained, adult supervision?
Are the global security services tapping your phone and computer?
Just to see what you are planning to feed your children tonight?
Is any nation training their elite soldiers to raid supermarket shelves?
Are the international news headlines screaming about your local supermarket this morning?
Is Chump likely to spout about deaths due to overeating? 
Is Cruz warning us about our toxic diet and quantities of ingested "toxins?"
Is Hillary Clinton campaigning on obesity, diet and exercise?
Is any politician planning to ban dangerously fatty food imports? [Except Putin who doesn't count.]
Will Obama fly to Cuba to warn Cubans of their poor eating habits and lack of exercise?
Will the Pope tell his "flock" to lose weight and take up jogging or walking?
Is there a "Richter Scale" for impending, major loss of life due to gorging between meals at McLardy's?
Does China have missiles trained on Coca-Cola factories?
Would you ring the police if a 50 stone neighbour returned from holiday with food concealed in body parts?


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