1 Jul 2017

July 1st 2017 Excused trikes.

Saturday 1st July. 56F, 13C, light winds with a heavy grey overcast. The 24 hours of constant rain may be reduced to occasional showers but it seems darker now, at 7am, than at 11pm last night. It might brighten later. So I may still get my Saturday morning ride in, even if a trifle belated.

A walk to the village in decidedly soggy conditions after yesterday's rain. The usual crop of thousands of brown slugs were playing "chicken" in the road. Cheeky Swallows dived close past me for a bit of weekend fun but I refused to be intimidated.

Late morning ride to the shops. Cruising at 18-20mph with a tailwind on the way there. 8-19 mph coming back suitably laden. Used the tri-bars to push it back up to 11-12 mph. Brooks saddles are not ideal for such larks! I speak form personal experience. Flat saddle spines are best. Struggling to maintain high rpm these days. 16 miles. Mostly uphill.[ Going both ways.]

Sunday 2nd 58-66F, 14-19C, overcast and breezy. A rather cloudy day with 30mph gusts is forecast. There were showers in the morning. One of which had me turning back early from my walk. It became warm and sunny later but I was "excused trikes" on the grounds of responsibility to my ongoing garden project.

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