8 Jul 2017

7th July 2017 It's [all] fluffy, man!


Friday 7th 60-68F, 16-20C, rather cloudy but almost calm with showers possible. There was some light rain as I walked to the far woods. A wonderful peace seemed to have settled over the brimming crops. As swallows chased each other just above the fluffy heads of grain. My camera seemed to be struggling with the low light levels. Producing a rather soft focus effect under the dense canopy of the beech woods. The undergrowth sprawled its untidiness everywhere to conceal familiar, small, field ponds from view. A keen cyclist passed me on a TT bike with a following car, carrying spare machines with disk wheels.

Later afternoon ride, climbing and descending via the forest. Which looked absolutely gorgeous through yellow glasses. Free sunshine under grey skies. I passed a hunting bird of prey with long, narrow wings with black tips. Marsh harrier? Only ten miles.

Saturday 8th 60F, 15C, heavy overcast, light winds, threat of showers. I was allowed out for my usual Saturday morning ride. Quite windy going both ways. Saw a couple of nice, classic cars and a Red kite. Not necessarily in that order. Using the cadence reading to maintain my revs. I'm getting [almost] used to 8 presses of the single computer button to reach Cadence but it's not exactly instant gratification. 16 miles.

Sunday 9th 56F, 13C, bright and sunny all day but comfortably warm. Too busy for a ride.

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