10 Jul 2017

10th July 2017 The Juvenile problem.


Monday 10th 59-66F,15-19C, calm and bright with a milky sky. Cloud and rain possible this afternoon. Walked to the village. There were a few showers but I was too busy for a ride.

"Overcast" was too boring. I was feeling arty, so I'm calling this one: "An excess of cloud." Just to be pretentious.

I had to blur out a magnificent, soaring Red kite in the foreground. Just in case any Scottish landowners became overwhelmed by their zombie money blood lust.

Tuesday 11th 59F, 15C, overcast and breezy. Rain or showers forecast for most of today and tomorrow.

Walked along the empty rural lanes. Juvenile Blue tits were dangling upside down from roadside trees just to show off to each other. Next week they'll be gang members and hanging about on village corners.

The traffic was light enough to allow me inner circumspection in the lulls between chronic tyre noise and bouts of intense and physical self-preservation. Some cheeky swallows were resting on the asphalt and they pay NO road taxes [N]OR insurance! Where will it all end? Probably with short, sharp showers. Today, I have mostly been a martyr to damp hair. I didn't get where I am...

Tesla announces production of its cheaper electric car. Thanks to hefty import taxes it is expected to cost the equivalent of several millions of US dollars in Denmark. Sales of all electric vehicles in Denmark are expected to remain at absolute zero for the foreseeable future. This is [according to an anonymous Danish government spokesperson] to prevent [quote] any "Tree hugging, hippy, Danish eco warriors from ever getting their hands on an electric car!" [My exclamation mark.]

All Climate science is currently treated as a major terrorist offense in Denmark. With life imprisonment, without parole, the automatic sanction for merely uttering the term "AGW" in a public place. The Konservative government has already sent messages of congratulation to President Dump for threatening to pull out of the "ridiculous" Paris climate accord.

In breaking climate news: A Danish power station is being modified to the tune of a billion Danish Kroner to burn <cough> imported wood chips from Canada. The power station is surrounded in fields producing big bales for <cough> burning in power stations. Edit: It seems some of the wood chips would come from Poland and other Eastern European states. The EU is presently hauling Poland before the courts for felling its forests.

A billion kroner towards the democratization of Danish energy production, with local, domestic solar, would go a very long way towards Denmark meeting its CO2 reduction commitments.  Particularly if the power was used to charge batteries in <cough> electric vehicles. One can only assume that centralized energy production is a <cough> "nine little earner." Is the CO2 cost of shipping imported fuels half way around the globe included in the importing country's climate tab? [Where a "tab" is a debt to be repaid, with massive interest, by our grandchildren.]

Wednesday 12th 57F, 14C, heavy overcast but calm. Overnight rain is expected to continue with wind and brightening later. It must be an age thing. There was the threat of rain in the air as I walked towards the village. One moss covered house ridge was dotted at intervals with sparrows and swallows. No ride today.

Thursday 13th 55F, clear, sunny and breezy. Enjoyed a short walk in breezy sunshine. Another busy day avoiding tricycling.

Friday 14th 57F, 14C, breezy with a bright milky sky. Showers possible. Short walk along the lanes. The crops are all changing colour as they ripen. Rode my usual Saturday route. Only 16 miles trying to keep my cadence high. Progress was being made on a new cycle path but not yet surfaced. The contractors seem to be laying drainage and service under the cycle path to avoid digging up the roads.
Saw a couple of buzzards. Chased two Teslabikers for a few miles. Rather breezy but it didn't spoil the pleasure of a ride in the gorgeous countryside. An elderly gentleman on a bike stopped outside a shop to say he was disappointed with this summer's temperatures. If it's not over 20C then it's not a real summer, apparently.

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