20 Jul 2017

19th July 2017 Getting it off my [treasure] chest.


Wednesday 19th 58F, 14C, sunny, bright and clear with a light breeze moving the trees. It could be as warm as 25C [77F] later, possibly with thunderstorms. I am aching all over from yesterday's activities. A walk will help and I'll have to put in a requisition for a bit of R&R on the trike.

I see Their Royal Oil Fences in Saudi Arabia are troubled by beggars pretending to be poverty stricken council road sweepers. The sweepers work 18 hours a day in sweltering heat but get paid less per year than a single, gold thread in the solid gold and diamond encrusted dish of disposable napkins on the the solid gold dining tables in the umpteen, priceless marble and gold, Royal palaces. With more garages each, full of priceless supersportscars, than any humble, American, TV evangelist.

Denmark solved such low pay problem simply enough. By getting rid of all the council road sweepers and all their sweeping machines during the most recent recession. They spent the scrap money on tasteless daubs by Danish modern <cough> artists and Danish architect designer furniture for all their [latest] Town Halls. Which are often modernized from striking, but failed company buildings by Eastern European workers. Who have to sleep on-site and work 8 days a week in exchange for handing their wages back to their <cough> mafia employers. All for the privilege of being brought here in the back of a smuggler's lorry. Along with all the trafficked girls for the highly popular and no doubt extremely lucrative, Danish prostitution trade.

We once stopped the car in a quiet, city cul-de-sac for a nice cup of tea and a Danish pastry. We were overlooked by the huge, Odense police station. It took but a few moments to realise that we were in a <cough> hotbed of prostitution. With clients cruising back and forth in their cars as they waited for the next "member of staff" to become available.

Trafficked women who go to the police for help are put on the next plane home without a penny. Perhaps they should be advised to become a hate preacher at one of the highly popular, invader's mosques. That way they can stay for years and are completely and utterly untouchable. Provided, of course, they can keep the child abuse and mutilation an open secret.

I hear all the Danish women's shelters are so choc-a-block that there is a years-long waiting list. With many desperate customers having to be sent to distant hostels. Well, that's post-benign socialism for you. Same taxes, just far, far fewer options.

It was already a very warm 67F by the time I returned from my golden, rural walk. Fortunately I had roadside shade trees to take off the worst excesses of this crippling heat wave. The two seater Mercedes sports car driver was following his usual [pathetic] line on the same blind corner. Namely overshooting by 6' beyond the double white lines to put him almost completely in the opposite lane. As is his daily habit. And I kid you not.

The odd thing is that he looks like a miserable old version of me but is obviously a much poorer driver. If I overshot a single corner I'd sign up for an intensive advanced driver training course and extended therapy sessions. Other's driving standards are obviously pitifully lower than mine. Well, there's always the insurance to carry the expense of off-roading [in the opposite lane.] What 's a modest speeding fine to the owner of a Mercedes sports car? Particularly when one's reputation, as the fastest, miserable old fart in the village, is at stake?

I hear iRottenapple, of tax free, iPhoney slave production fame, is building at least one [entirely self-serving] server center in Denmark. The facility is expected to consume almost half of Denmark's daily, normal electricity production. The local <cough> sub station covers the equivalent of thousands of village football pitches. When they still existed as such. The Danes are now much too obese to be running about with a ball. Their former playing fields have largely gone over to intensive industrial pig farming to the benefit of the small village mentality.

As a personal favour to this week's [authoritarian] Danish PM, iRottenapple have promised, on pain of massive fines, never to use their literally vast quantities of excess heat for domestic home heating within the Danish national borders. Just in case they start competing with the offshore, hedge fund owned, coal fired power stations. So they [iRottenapple] may well be hoping to sell their excess heat to a grateful Germany via an insulated pipeline laid entirely at Danish taxpayers' expense. Though the labour for the entire project will probably be provided by imported [trafficked] slaves. As is the norm in the EU these days.

It seems that there are not enough windmills already to upset the remaining locals. So iRottenapple is building a massive wind farm to further blight the entire area. No doubt astronauts of the near future will be competing to photograph the server center from space as it glows white hot against the pitch black of the usually deserted [and empty] Danish, rural landscape.

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