25 Jul 2017

25th July 2017 Snot fair!

Tuesday 25th 59-66F, 15-19C, heavy overcast and rain with a light breeze. The Head Gardener and I are both suffering from bunged up chests, runny noses, watery eyes and misbehaving ears after a couple of days of spraying, harvesting and ploughing on the fields around us. So buy shares in tissues! According to the DMI there is very little pollen about because of the rain.

Walked the lanes under grey skies before is started raining for most of the day. Still lots of energetic swallows around. A bird of prey has just turned a circle over our back garden before moving on, effortlessly stiff winged.

It seems BMW is to build the Danish billionaires' first electric car. The Tesla was strictly in the Bill Gates' price league in Denmark. The electric Mini is to be built in Oxford. Thanks to crippling import taxes the eMini's price in Denmark is likely to interest only oil magnates and there are precious few of them here. Lots of coal magnates though who own or supply the majority of Danish power stations. So BMW may sell one or two eMinis in Denmark. Only to those who already own a Lamborghini or Ferrari as the tax-free, company car. Funny they don't ever drive coal fired cars.. isn't it?

Wednesday 26th 61-72F, 16-22C, overcast, with a light breeze, but dry.

I hear the UK will ban all coal-fired cars by 2040. Denmark remains resolute that "no lefty, pinko, tree huggin' Danish hippy is ever going to get their hands on an electric car." "Not on my watch!" The PM is to form an alliance with President Kim of North Korea to fight the "creeping menace" of electric cars. They are said to be forming a COALition to help to boost their flagging share prices as coal-fired car production is tapered off. The idea, presented by Kim in a joint statement, is that all electric cars must have a political prisoner with a red flag walking in front of them at all times.

I walked along the track to the marsh against the invading hordes of slugs. The vast swarms of ducks were practicing their "Laughing Gear" chorus. So I thought they'd make a good audience for my stand-up routine. Whereupon they immediately fell silent and turned their backs on me! A buzzard was circling and calling over the woods, wings outstretched, in the very light breeze.

The traffic was almost non-existent at times, as befits the national holiday. I frequently take to the  verge to allow large lorries to pass without having to go around me. As is the norm for those of us who follow the age-old discipline and Code of The Defensive Walking Institute. Only to [quickly] discover that they never intended to go out around me anyway because they were on their mobile phones! Don't you just hate it when that happens?

It was warm and sunny by the time I was released from the starting gates and thundered off down the drive. Bit of a crosswind but nothing serious. Shops were very quiet. Saw several cyclists out training and others touring. Only 7 miles.

Thursday 27th 62-66F, 17-19C, rather cloudy with a light breeze. Showers possible all day. Despite the grey skies it stayed dry for my morning walk. The wind had picked up just as a large tractor started spraying the fields upwind of us. I decided to go anyway and walked downwind with a strange smell on the air. It didn't seem to bother the birds which were out in large numbers again. Flocks of thirty-odd swallows or sparrows are very commonplace.

The tractor passed me later towing its huge tank and folded spray bars. A child was sitting in the lap of the driver. Did this signify product safety or mere, pig ignorance? As I have mentioned before I had a farming neighbour who said you could safely put Roundup on your breakfast serial. The sales rep had told him so. Not on my organic Muesli, you can't! A wet day, until later.

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