3 Jul 2017

3rd July 2017 A cry for help?


Monday 3rd 60F, 16C, bright and rather cloudy with light winds. A wet and windy morning is forecast. Short walk with heavy showers not arriving until 10.15 am. Followed by thundery showers at lunch time and for hours afterwards. Still rumbling and flashing after 3pm.

There has been a lull in the carpet bombing of local verges with McLardy's packaging. I thought perhaps the perp had "suffered" a stroke when their grease trap had became completely blocked. Then the recent arrival of yet more litter made me wonder if takeaway litter was not a subconscious cry for help.

Are they trying to tell us that their addiction to junk food is slowly killing them? Is this the reason why drug addicts throw away their dirty needles in public places? Why smokers cast away their dog ends? "Help me? Because I cannot help myself?" Whatever.

The opiate plague seems to be a similar form of slow, global suicide. There cannot be a single person left on the planet who does not know the dangers of smoking, injecting, idling, drinking or eating their way to an early grave. It seems large numbers of the human race are opting out with a voluntary euthanasia contract with the Small Blue Dot. Good on 'em, I say. Don't let the pearly gates door hit you on the way out.

Why not make these nasty habits legal? Give them away if you like. Just don't bother to treat them in a hospital at "our" expense. We who eat sensibly, exercise, maintain a healthy weight and avoid "empty stimulants" wish you luck on your [much shortened] journey. Talking of which: Did you see the "beached whale" story in New XXXXXXL Jersey?

Tuesday 4th 55F,13C, bright, windy and rather cloudy. Expected to clear up with some sunshine. Walked my familiar route up to the woods and back the other way. I haven't done that route for quite a while. Only a solitary bird of prey to report. I was soon clogged up with muddy boots. The strong wind and heavy plates of cloud gave the woods a rather menacing atmosphere. Until the sun came out and the mood lifted.

Late ride to the shops. Thanks to the tailwind I cranked it up to 20mph for quite a distance. Only 10-16mph coming home again. 7 miles.

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