6 Jul 2017

5th July 2017 TeslaBoys and Girls.


Wednesday 5th 60F, 16C, bright, but rather cloudy, with variable wind. It sounds as if Volvo has no plans to sell any cars in Denmark from 2019 onward. Volvo is only building electric cars from that point on. Unless some billionaire Dane plans to have a go at The Guinness Book of Records, Volvo doesn't have a hope in burning climate hell of ever selling a single electric car here. Not with present import taxation of 7000% and only one [token] charging station in the whole country and that only takes Nigerian Bitcoins.

Where AGW is concerned one has to judge any government by its actions. Not by its [ever] hot][ter] air at the global climate feasts. You'd think the lack of need for winter salting of the roads would pay for an electric vehicle, import tax reduction, but no. "They" are saving hard for a third, coal-fired aircraft carrier instead. Just to show tiny Denmark's unique importance as a major military power. [Using imported North Korean coal, for fuel, no less!]  You'd think that nice Ms Margrethe Westager would sue Denmark for a lack of commitment to CO2 reduction competition. 😎

In Breaking Climate News: The Danish Prime Minister has announced that henceforth Denmark will burn only McLardy's litter in all its many, coal burning, power stations. This is instead of importing Polish timber chippings, as kindling, exclusively by air freight. It seems there were complaints from Danish farmers about all the wind turbines spreading sawdust far and wide. The sawdust was mixing with all the pig's manure and forming a hard crust on their fields. Too busy for a ride today.

Thursday 6th 50-68F, 10-20C, calm and sunny with thin, high milky cloud. I was just reading that Denmark, like Germany and Holland is seeing electric cycles as an increasingly large fraction of all new cycle sales. Denmark is still behind the 25% electric bike sales of the other two countries but expected to match them soon.

Electric cycles are becoming established as normal transport rather than primarily for the elderly and infirm. Image is vitally important to those transferring their loyalties to the battery bikes. Particularly if they come from a cycle sport/club training background. So pedaling to make progress may be another important factor in equipment choice.

Buyers are probably not looking for an electric motorcycle or scooter so much as a battery driven bicycle with normal pedal assistance. The fitness aspect from continuing exercise is desired to match their reduced levels of fitness. My own feeling is that many battery bikes are still very expensive. A scooter with internal combustion engine, suspension, disk brakes and gearbox is a far more sophisticated yet often cheaper option. Many electric cycles look [to me] like recycled, old-fashioned, heavyweight roadsters. With add-on electric components almost as an afterthought. Many seem not to have given a second thought to carriage of shopping or parcels. There are some very expensive motorized "mountain bikes" around. A cross between road and off-road to suit those who demand more aggressive styling for the run to the local shops.

There has been a rash of accidents where older riders find the increased performance of electric motors rather too much for their limited skills and increased reaction times. I have seen a few "hairy" moments where Tesla boys and girls have pushed the limits when cornering fast in wet and slippery conditions. On a normal bike they would never have been travelling at a speed which would have put them in danger. Like all new forms of transport it will take a while for the Darwin statistics to settle down. Elderly [motor] bikers, buying the latest high performance 200mph motorcycles are [probably] far more likely to kill themselves.

At this point I really can't recommend an electrically assisted,  sporting tricycle. The cornering is far too "iffy" to make the conversion a particularly safe project. Not without thousands of miles of pedal driven, triking experience first. Many people imagine trikes as inherently stable compared with wobbly bikes. Nothing could be further for the truth where lightweight trikes are concerned! Leaning trikes do make far more sense but are not universally available. It's far easier to throw some hefty water pipe together in Asia and flog it off to those who never knew any other kind of bicycle or tricycle.  

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