29 Sep 2016

Thursday 29th September. Woodburning us into our early graves!


Thursday 29th 62-64F, 17-18C, gales, rain and heavy overcast.  The dark and threatening sky is literally flying over. Gusts possible to well over 35mph. September has been close to an equal record for temperature, sunshine and low rainfall so far. All spoilt by a little [secondhand] storm.

10' high x 30' wide Japanese knotweed in flower, on an abandoned , roadside, demolition site, running wild and rapidly spreading to neighborhood properties. Is that green enough for you?

I see the Danish news is finally and fairly blaming my neighbour for producing toxic smoke. Countless Danes die early due to poor air quality and most of it is HIS fault for burning demolition timber for water heating.  [Even during heatwaves!] The ludicrous irony is that the Danes think of firewood as cheap and <cough> environmentally <wheeze> friendly <cough> because of the 17 Danish taxes on electricity bills.

What the manual wood burners completely ignore is their unpaid wages while they are annoying their neighbors with their chainsaws and circular saws. Plus the felling and the transport of said timber from the distant woods back to their wood splinter littered yards and gardens. Not to mention the time spent lopping, handling and stacking and splitting the countless logs. Most of this goes on for countless hours and consumes oil, petrol and electricity over decades.

A people-trafficked, immigrant, Eastern-European slave worker would not work for the wood burner's quarterly savings from burning wood instead of [imported coal]-fired electricity!

Yes, Denmark make lots of electricity from coal and oil. Then gives away its wind power electricity to the European grid when it exceeds national demand.

Myths about Danish Wind Power: Why 39% Wind Is Not Enough | Worldwatch Institute Europe

Every Danish tax is a double-edged sword. Add umpteen taxes to electricity bills and what do you get? Rural air and noise pollution, literally thousands of early deaths and the need for many more, long stay, hospital beds.

Welcome to "a greener" Denmark! Where your <wheeze> taxes are working for the <cough> environ-mental <cough> delusion of a safe place <wheeze> to live and bring up your children. <cough>  Don't even get me started on the 180% Danish tax they add to electric car prices. Then reduce taxes and drop city center restrictions on diesel fueled vehicles and pollute the air with toxic black dust particles. More early deaths.

Terrorism is back in the news: The police are appealing [?] for witnesses to a possible, elderly grey Volvo 240 estate car seen in the vicinity of the motorway  bridge. This was where the infamous, 65lb concrete block attack and murder [and attempted mass murder] on the local motorway took place, now well over a month ago. My morning walk was interrupted by rain. Not a great day for a ride even when there was a glimpse of sunshine at 17.00 gales were still bending the trees.

Friday 30th 52F, 11C, already breezy but still a threat of early brightness. Showers throughout the day with 30mph gusts promised. I really ought to make an effort to get a ride in on the last day of an already poor month for mileage. I had a 20+ mile ride planned but it kept bucketing down between longer sunny intervals. In the end I went in the car and was treated to a free power car wash for 5-6 miles. It stopped dead on the road just as I neared home. Nul points all around.

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