10 Sep 2016

10th September 2016 Free-falling electric car sales in 'Green' Denmark.


Saturday 10th 58-65-72F, 15-18-22C, quite breezy, sunny and warm. Yet again there were patches of ground frost on the lawns. I enjoyed another loop out over the stubble fields. cutting through the woods and diagonally across more fields. My winter gaiters would have been handy to keep my trousers from becoming sopping wet up to the knees! It is a tremendous year for fruit and berries. Saw several large birds of prey and one very large hare in the forest. The wind was noticeable on my back as I walked back along the road.

I shall be going out on the trike after coffee and toasted rolls with marmalade. Probably to Assens via the rural lanes. Always a delightful run regardless of my route. Riding past the lake and the stately home with its water lily dappled moat, under a canopy of shady beeches, is a personal favourite. The ranks of unspoilt farm buildings are dwarfed by the vast old barns of pastry-coloured brick and dark, wooden planking.

I saw a convoy of at least 30 Morris Minors in every colour and style under the sun including some showroom quality, original restorations. Assens was busy with shoppers and presumably holidaymakers in summer clothing. Somebody had slacked off my front wheel QR while I was in one supermarket. I lifted my trike to clear a mobility scooter which has blocked my exit and the front wheel fell out! I was blocked in at Aldi too and had to wave an elderly driver with his engine running to reverse to let me escape.  It reached only 72F by the time I returned home but felt far warmer under the blazing sun. With quite a stiff breeze and a cloudless sky you could not ask for better weekend weather in near mid-September. Lots of cyclists out training and a few MTBs on boot racks. Only 21 miles.

Sunday 11th 62F, 17C, breezy and rather cloudy but promising to be brighter. My walk was savagely curtailed, mid-field by a sudden shower. By the time I had hurried back to the shelter of the roadside trees it had stopped. Grrr. No ride today.

You have to laugh. Green Denmark's reintroduction of its standard 180% tax on electric car imports has killed sales stone dead. Sales dropped from 1716 the year before to an absolutely derisory 414 last year. Woohoo! To make up for the deliberate trashing of the fledgling electric car movement the politicooze are going to subsidize each electric car sale [of the first 1000 only] to the tune of £4000 each! Tee hee! Forgive me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my cheeks.

Do you want to know the funniest part of this total farce? Copenhagen intends to install far more, exclusive, electric car parking/charging spaces than the total number of electric cars sold last year. It's no wonder Denmark hasn't signed the Climate Agreement! Their faces would be as red as the Danish flag. I suppose it would be a be rather hypocritical to charge electric cars with coal, oil or gas power. Which is presently 70% of Danish energy production despite the flag waving, Danish wind industry.

There is a move to reduce Danish coal power but that would just mean Denmark would import far more coal-produced electricity from Germany. So much for the perfect green energy cycle of wind power charging the huge and ever expanding, Danish electric car fleet overnight. Tesla has [allegedly] failed to invest in repair and service infrastructure in Denmark. Absolutely no need to ask why. Is there?

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