9 Sep 2016

9th September 2016 The Grim Reaper's little helpers:


Friday 9th 61-76F, 16-24C, light breeze and heavy overcast. The neighbour filled our house with diesel tractor fumes yesterday. He was sitting in his tractor with the engine running but blamed the distant farmers. When we complained he lit a stinking fire and filled the house and garden with toxic fumes from demolition timber. Every morning I sit here and cough repeatedly and blow my running nose while I write my blog. Only a walk carries me far enough away that I can clear my lungs.

In breaking news. A copycat throwback was arrested after a witness saw a youth throwing a spray can at traffic from a bridge on the motorway. Three youths were parked on the bridge and the witness recorded their number plate and reported it to the police. The youth was remanded into custody for  a fortnight.

The heavy triangular concrete blocks used by terrorist[s] in the motorway murder of a German women have been shown in a video by police. They hope that showing the blocks will jog somebody's memory at the busy building site area or overlooking it.

The image is a still from the Danish Radio news website video showing the Police Commissioner struggling to lift one heavy block onto another.

The murdering terrorist is alleged to have stolen these specialized triangular blocks weighing 30kg, 66lbs each from a shopping center building site 11.8 km away. That is over 7 miles to carry two murder weapons by the shortest route and suggests premeditation. As does the very early hour and the choice of a little-used bridge to carry out the acts of terrorism while carefully avoiding [living] witnesses or leaving evidence. The only spontaneity involved was whether the terrorist[s] grinned at the carnage they caused.

VIDEO Here are the concrete blocks that killed a woman on the motorway. [Examples.] Danish Radio.

While on the subject of unnecessary road deaths and keeping it on topic:

A driver, with eight 8 previous counts of using a mobile phone while driving, killed a cyclist while sending SMS messages. The killer [finally] received 9 years in jail. Let's see now: Out after 9 months for good behaviour and verbally expressing remorse for his actions. [i.e. Being caught eight times.]

Sadly the innocent cyclist did not enjoy 9 more years of freedom to use the road system without the judicial system being completely against his survival. Eight 8 previous counts of using a mobile telephone while driving?  What does that say about the leniency of the courts? What does it say about how little magistrates know about attention spans of the throwbacks who appear before them? I bet they'd be absolutely livid if the killer had the temerity to use their phone in court! But not out the roads where lives, rather than mere human pride, matters more? What does it say about the driver's mental state to continue driving and texting after eight counts? Driving [badly] is a basic human right? While Survival Cycling is an unregulated, dangerous sport and enjoyed entirely at the discretion of the courts? Why are cyclists treated with the same [lack of] respect as black people under apartheid? 

 'Texting driver had nine seconds to see my brother' - BBC News

More driving at the very limit of 6 million years of [backwards] evolution:  

 Footage shows car using path to undertake cyclists - BBC News

Why was a car responsible for driving on the path? It was the DRIVER who chose to break the law. The car was completely innocent. Has the driver been prosecuted? Such behaviour suggests the driver is unfit to enjoy the basic human right to drive [badly.] 

8.30am: The sun has finally broken through. Time to stop coughing, wiping my eyes and nose and to have a walk. I strode off across the stubble fields to see what a huge tipper lorry was doing. He seemed to be dumping the anaerobic, sticky mud from the bottom of a sewage treatment works.

Later, I was skirting the woods, when I heard loud, metallic rattling like a tracked vehicle. This needed further investigation so I walked back down to the entrance and on through the forest listening attentively. There was nothing to be heard so I set off across another stubble field in the opposite direction. Where three large deer were grazing as I walked into the breeze. I could have approached much closer had a tractor not raced past on the lane and woken them from their dream time.  I returned via the marsh track but climbed the steeply sloping field to take a more direct route home and to avoid disturbing the ducks.

Late afternoon ride for seven miles. Three full, stacked bags. There has to be a better way.

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