18 Sep 2016

18th September 2016 New and old vistas.


Sunday 18th 56-64F, 13-18C, light breezy, full sunshine. They were right about it being cooler.

A stealth excavator hiding from Putinnia's threatening invaders as it waits to bury itself in glory beside a hunter's overgrown, field pond.

I wore my thinnest [and leakiest] jacket for most of yesterday's rides. I find it handy for just taking the edge off the coolth and it is vividly florescent. So if any of the sociopathic drivers does run me over they can't claim it was my fault for wearing [Danish sporting cyclists regulation] "Sky black" while they were sexting into a low, but blinding, Danish sun. The driving sociopaths. Not the sporting cyclists. [But you never know.]

I had better go for a walk before I get myself into any further trouble. I have read that Denmark is the 'pinch point' for all the Internet optical fibers so makes an ideal 'back door' to all global communications for the big boys like the NSA, CIA and Britex MI93 whatever.. I must be "undermining democracy" at the very least, with my endless complaints about Danish drivers. Though I still haven't been tempted to post any videos of illegal activity just in case I am sent back to Brexit as a semi-illegal immigrant. Posting videos of illegal behavior is strictly against the law in Denmark. I could easily end up stateless if I was rejected by Gravely Blighted as I bobbed up to the Dover beach in my rubber dingy with a long train of other dinghies bobbing along behind carrying 60 years of accumulated junk. Isn't it lucky that bastion of democracy [Putinnia] still allows YT dash-cam videos? No so in Denmark.

Just a half hour walk in bright sunshine when I had the most amazing visual experience. Not earth shattering, but close enough. The wind was just right to make the leaves on a whole row of poplars tremble simultaneously. At first I thought I'd completely lost the plot. Then I put it down to my inner ear problems. We only very rarely get northeasterly winds so this must have been largely responsible. Every single leaf was shaking at exactly the same frequency and in phase with each other. Giving the impression that whole copse was visibly and violently shaking. Very odd indeed. Hollywood would have been proud. Rest day standing at the workbench in the bright but cooler sunshine.

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