26 Sep 2016

26th September 2016 Last day of the Indian Summer?


Monday 26th 57F, 14C, calm, heavy overcast. Possible early showers should brighten to another warm and sunny day. My legs are aching a little after yesterday's foolishness. A long swig from my quart pot of steroids should easily solve that little problem. I fixed a nice little TUE deal with The Head Gardner for a multiple TUE provided I eat plenty of organic broccoli and spinach on my whole grain sandwiches to cure my silicone glue, lung problems.

Dwarf deer silhouetted against a pheasant feeder.

With the weather about to change the long summer of constant toxic smoke from our easterly neighbour's water heater [even during heat waves] should finally end for this year. It will make a nice change not coughing, clearing my throat and sneezing all day while I am at home.

I wrote a whole page of text about my morning walk only for Google to lose it between updating and viewing. Late afternoon ride for 20 miles.

I spotted thatching beside the road and stopped to take a photograph to the bemusement of the two young men involved. I haven't seen thatch laid with the heads downwards before. Most thatch materials are imported from Poland. Though I have seen harvesting on the wetland, Danish coasts.

Tuesday 27th 45-65F, 7-18C, clear, still and bright. A little mist earlier when I looked out. Sirius was a huge fuzzy blob, flashing on and off like a car indicator. Early walk in dead calm conditions with the wind turbines motionless. Lots of agriculture going on. With huge trailers taking away chopped corn and ploughing and sewing going on. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Short afternoon ride for 7 miles. I nipped into several farm entrances to let tractors, buses and articulated lorries pass unimpeded.

Wednesday 28th 62-64F, 17-18C, very windy, heavy cloud, rain possible. Though it could clear up later. Short walk interrupted by several large drops of rain. The only drops which fell all day and they landed on me! Spent the day working on a project in the garden. It brightened up nicely but was still blowing hard at times. Rest day.

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