21 Sep 2016

21st September 2016 One month on.


Wednesday 21st 56-64F, 13-16C, rather cloudy with a light breeze. Showers possible along with some sunshine. Not necessarily simultaneously.

The driver of this huge tractor and seed drill was hurling it around the field as if it were a go-kart. Showing remarkable skill and obviously enjoying the machine's small turning circle in the narrow, wedge-shaped field.

A month after the terrorist hurled concrete blocks over a quiet motorway bridge the father of the German occupants of the car is out of his coma. He has been taken to a hospital in Germany. He is not expected to be able to help the police due to the extensive head injuries he suffered. His wife died in the terrorist attack while a child in the back of the car avoided serious injury. The police say they are not pinning their hopes of an identification of any suspect on the latest DNA testing. They still believe that the massive concrete blocks were stolen from a building site 8 miles away to be used as weapons of mass destruction. The police have been given hundreds of tips but nothing has led to any arrests.

No walk but an early ride for 13 miles to buy some jigsaw blades.

Thursday 22nd, 52-62F, 11-17C, cool with a light breeze, brightening to sunshine. Half an hour brisk walk followed by an early ride to Assens. Cross tailwind on the way helped me to cruise at 16-18mph with a short stint at 24mph on the tri-bars before I turned straight into the wind.

I was following an old boy [of about my own age] up the long cycle path on the way back. I thought I'd catch him easily, despite the shopping load, but he stayed at about the same speed, as I turned myself inside out just to reach a breathless 13mph. Eventually I caught him when he was baulked by two fat ladies walking side by side across the cycle path. Then it was obvious why he was able to stay ahead. A battery on the rack and a front hub motor. I am definitely not as fit as I used to be with my considerably reduced mileage. Passed a kestrel hovering near the road. It seemed not to care and did not move away. Lots of agriculture going on along my route. A little less cross headwind would have helped. 18 miles today.

Friday 23rd 55F, 13C, calm to light breeze, rather cloudy but a bright glow is rising. The forecast is for some long-awaited rain. The dry conditions have kept the roads largely clear of farmer's mud. Though the dryness hasn't stopped the newly sewn crops from sprouting and growing rapidly. It has also allowed me considerable freedom to roam the empty fields without collecting huge boots of mud. I have only worn my winter gaiters once, that I can recall, and that was for the tall, wet weeds in the woods. Altering my route avoided that situation.

A brisk walk around the three mile, rural block. It was one of those days when a hush seemed to have fallen over the landscape. Somebody had also been around smudging the distant views. It was slightly misty but strangely patchy in the low sunlight. I came across several groups of chickens foraging beside the lanes. I even stepped onto the verge to let a tractor pass fearing for the chicks on the other side. Fortunately they scattered and dashed headlong back into their yard.

A chimney sweep crossed the village square to demand to know why I was taking pictures of his colleague working up on the roof. He turned and walked away when I reminded him he [himself] was a bullying vandal of previous acquaintance. Late afternoon ride for 7 miles. Rather breezy.

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