5 Dec 2016

5th December 2016 Where's my bløødy razor?


Monday 5th 40-42F, 5-6C, heavy overcast, light winds. Making a good recovery. I walked for 3/4 of an hour to the village and back. Not yet up to speed and a bit tired walking uphill on the way back. Saw a flock of Goldfinches and a pretty pair of Bullfinches. Two Goldcrests playing by the gate and two male pheasants in the drive panicking when I opened the gate. Traffic surprisingly light on the way. Heavier on the way back. My hands were too cold even in the jacket pockets. Which was odd. All my other jackets must have more material around the pockets. Must remember the gloves.  

Tuesday 6th 41-43F, 5-6C, still and rather grey with thick, patchy cloud becoming more overcast. I ambled steadily down to the village and back to stretch my legs and escape from the computer. Clouds drifted through the distant woods giving them an air of mystery. I was much too far away to capture the scene with my camera. Saw three Waxwings on a small roadside tree. My first sighting, as far I can remember. I haven't kept a log in Denmark. They were tame enough to let me pass quite closely without taking flight. Later a dozen, more nervous Bullfinches were foraging on tall seed heads on an overgrown patch of ground. Still feeling weak and a bit wobbly. Though I may risk a gentle ride. My appetite is back to normal and the nausea has finally passed.

Back on the trike to do Saturday's usual run which I had missed. Almost dead calm but I was aware of forward movement. The turbines remained perfectly still all morning. I kept my efforts fairly modest but still had hunger knock on the way home. I was chased and overtaken by an old chap on an electric bike but had nothing left to drag him back going uphill while heavily laden. Only 17 miles.

Wednesday  7th 39-?F, 4C-? overcast and windy. The promised light rain arrived just as I returned home from my walk. Thousands of gulls were milling in a circle out over the fields. I think it rained for most of the day.

An interesting, winter composition afforded by a man-made field pond in a natural fold. The curly, corn moustache provides cover, shelter from the wind and the odd bit of grain for the wildlife.

Thursday 8th 50F, 10C heavy overcast, very mild but also windy to 25mph gusts. Nearly an hour's steady walk to the village and back. A few gulls floating about on the wind but otherwise uneventful. Still feeling slightly dizzy at times.

Friday 9th 47F, overcast, slightly breezy from the west. Walked for an hour to the far woods by the empty lanes and back along the field tracks and footpath. A few rooks and jackdaws plied the fields but otherwise rather quiet. The field drainage is finished and the surface re-titivated for a more uniform appearance. A bit cool on the bare hands, but mild enough to stay warm in my open jacket. I have an excuse to go out of the trike today!

When I left late morning it turned out to be a rather warm and breathless excursion. I climbed out of the saddle to sprint up a short rise and it felt as if the trike had turned to rubber. Frantic pumping with the sub-micro-baby-pump in a lay-by and it felt more solid in the soft, offside tyre. Heaven knows what the passengers in passing cars thought I was doing! It's always a joke to come home later and use my JoBlowSport2Topeak [whatever] track pump. Though the tyre now felt quite firm to the naked, MkI, elderly person's thumb, the dial quickly showed it was well down around 30psi. A few long and powerful strokes and it was right back up to 95-100psi where it usually belongs.

I'll have to check again tomorrow to see if it really is a slow puncture. The first on this triplet of Schwalbe 700x25C Durano Plus. Though they are now showing serious signs of tread flattening they have been almost an absolute guarantee of getting home unscathed. The treads look smooth and undamaged to the naked eye.

A far cry from Continental 4000S which would have looked more like a teenage tart's, fishnet tights by this still quite modest mileage. [2250 miles.] It would be worth the weight of the track pump and a couple of Velcros if you really are daft enough ran around on the Continental crap just looking for flints.

A bad case of 'roundtoit' ceiling cladding for this roadside 'summerhouse' cum micro-bandstand. I was curious to see the geometry of the supporting roof timbers so stopped to take a snap. Well, you have to, don't you?
Came back without four commonplace items, or special offers, which had [yet again] miraculously sold out. Lies, damned lies and Danish supermarkets! I really wish they would open their back doors in winter. So the endless queue in one supermarket could loop around and shelter in the one next door. I'm sick of waiting, while some pre-pubescent, special-needs child on the checkouts works completely alone, again! While some lazy slob is pretending to do shelf filling only feet away.

I may take my rechargeable razor next time. Just in case my month-long, designer shadow badly needs a trim. One does have to keep up appearances for the ride home! We don't want any of that "Ooh Look, Dear! Santa's elf on a trike," nonsense going round! I have my reputation to consider as "the only clown on a tricycle" in the village. An elderly woman rode fast uphill, passing me, going the other way. With that hideously smug look, exclusively reserved for the owners of "battery bikes." Get thee behind me, Satan! I will not be tempted in exchange for my unsullied, cyclist's soul! ;ø)

Only 9 miles. Are we nearly there, yet? 

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