13 Dec 2016

13th December 2016 As if through a dark glass, mistily.


Tuesday 13th 41F, cloudy, misty and still. Another grey day much like yesterday with light winds. I've been planning to ride to Assens but it still hasn't happened. There were a few showers yesterday and more light, local examples forecast for today.

I pottered down the lanes in wet mist trying unsuccessfully to capture out of focus views of distant trees. A large, brown, bird of prey sat still just long enough for me to watch it through my binoculars. Before rapidly vanishing into the mist within a few short yards of taking off. I shall need rear lights on the trike if this mist doesn't clear.

A grey ride north to the shops as it steadily cleared. Only 14 miles. The slow puncture continues to leak overnight. I tried holding up a narrow glass of water to immerse the valve, between the spokes,  but saw no bubbles. Rode another 7 miles after lunch as the mist and darkness thickened. Returning at late dusk well lit up as 7-axle lorries and vast tipper trucks with matching trailers roared past. Can you imagine being overtaken by a Lorry Train in Oz? That would really test your balance and nerve on a bike!


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