30 Dec 2016

30th December 2016. Not my boy!


Friday 30th 34-38F, 1-4C, clear overnight with a white frost. Soon to be replaced by overcast, damp and becoming rather breezy from the SW. I walked to the village and back as small birds moved ahead of me down the hedges. A Heron was hiding behind a garden pond in the village. While a large hare had joined the road kill tally as it lay twisted on the verge. I hadn't seen a hare for quite some time. Going out in the car after the ritual of morning coffee and marmalade on toast.

I see Sir Bradley "I never inhaled!" has retired from professional cycling. Leaving Sky and British Cycling desperately trying to explain why every other cyclist in the entire world doesn't need a commonplace drug to be flown in. Perhaps we'll be treated to yet more, foul-mouthed invective against less-than-sporting, drug cheats in general in his New Year Message to the adoring masses?

The Danish news reports that an alleged terrorist allegedly threw a large, weaponized, tree branch onto the motorway at Ålborg. He  has been remanded in custody for a fortnight for being a copycat. The branch allegedly caused drivers to brake violently and make avoidance maneuvers but [thankfully] nobody was reported as hurt. Instead of immediate release on 5 kroner's bail the police demanded extra time to properly investigate the alleged crime. The motorway was closed temporarily while the debris was cleared. Not my boy!

Busy all morning but I'm going out on the trike after lunch. Fortunately no motorways or bridges are involved. There's obviously no way to stop copycat motorway terrorism by fuckwits without very serious sentencing as a deterrent. You only need to hang one miscreant from a motorway bridge to concentrate other copycat fuckwit's minds wonderfully.

If that doesn't work then send them to somewhere "less nice" than Denmark on a one way ticket. Where one's freedom to commit murder is balanced by the need for personal survival. Sadly even murderers can't be sent to such destinations in case the fuckwit's basic human rights are curtailed. Or they might break a fingernail stumbling off the plane on all-fours. Or, even, while climbing back up into the trees.

The potential for bloody mayhem as large and heavy vehicles are forced to avoid a deliberate motorway obstruction suggests a minimum life sentence without parole. Attempted mass murder should be the minimum charge. Imagine if a petrol tanker hit a coach full of people? Or a bulk chemical tanker overturned in a built up area. Or near a busy service station. Or beside a vast shopping mall? There could be huge loss of life and multiple injury victims of the completely innocent. The sentence should match the crime.

The police have still not found a suspect for the murder and catastrophic injuries caused to a German couple. Their car was hit by huge concrete blocks thrown deliberately onto their car while returning from holiday in Denmark.  Blocks stolen from a building site miles away in Odense. Not that there's any chance of premeditation. That would surely require at least one, functioning brain cell? A fund has been raised for their child who avoided serious injury in the back of the family's car. The father remains in critical condition in hospital four months after the brutal murder of his wife. A reward for £25,000 [equivalent] has still failed to provide a suspect.

Late afternoon ride to buy a 14mm drill. Returning in the dark for 14 miles total. Thank goodness it wasn't a much bigger drill! Or I could still be out there. Still pedalling hard in the dark. As commuters race past to avoid being late for their own funerals.

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