19 Dec 2016

19th December 2016 McSlobs R'US.


Monday 19th 39F, 4C, heavy overcast but calm. Another grey day is forecast but with very light winds. No mist or noticeable wind this morning but the wind turbines are still turning. Just a steady walk down to the village and back. I saw my first woodpecker in ages in a huge tree by the church. Lots of birds nests are now revealed by the loss of foliage. It's almost like terraced housing along the main road. Why, on earth, would so many birds choose to nest where vast lorries and roaring buses pass regularly within mere feet? It just seems like bad Chi in the Feng Shui of nesting situations.

Throwaway packaging for the visually and morally impaired?

There are countless miles of boundary hedges in between quiet rural fields. So why choose a roadside hedge instead? It's not as if their songs can be clearly heard above the traffic much of the time. Perhaps they like the ready pickings of the insects knocked down to the bare asphalt by passing vehicles? It is commonplace to see a whole variety birds foraging on the roads in the warmer months. Usually solitary wagtails, in particular, can always be found on any stretch of rural road or lane in summer.

Too busy on a project to go for a ride today.


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