21 Dec 2016

21st December 2016 Four months on:


Wednesday 21st 33F, +1C, cold southerly wind with a heavy overcast. There was fine, misty rain in the air as I walked to the village. Birds were noticeable by their absence today.

The [local] Danish news bemoans the four months without progress in the investigation into a murderous, terrorist attack on motorway traffic using concrete slabs. A German woman died instantly and her husband still remains critical in hospital when their car was struck by a weaponized, 65lb concrete paving block. The specialist block was carried 8 miles from a building site in Odense. So the attack was obviously pre-planned and not just another case of brain dead vandalism.

Moreover the bridge used as a launching platform is on a very minor, rural road without any obvious destinations. So very unlikely to be known to anyone not immediately local to the area. Or, alternatively, was discovered by somebody who had deliberately sought a safe site for their cowardly attack. Somewhere usually devoid of passing traffic where they would be least likely to be spotted at 4am. The time is another clue to a premeditated and cowardly attack. A £25,000[equivalent] reward for information has still failed to lead to a suspect for prosecution.

The following link is in Danish but well enough illustrated to be worth a visit.
Just keep clicking on the arrows beside the images.

The police are stranded in their investigation of the concrete block killing.

Politiet er strandet i opklaringen af betonklodsdrab | Fyn | DR

No ride today as the wind picked up and the sky remained dark. 

Is it just me or has Google just added a full compliment of  symbols and characters to Blogger? 👍

Thursday 22nd 41F, 5C, dark and misty. I was working in the shed yesterday and seem to have injured my right thigh. It's odd because I felt nothing at all until I woke this morning. My walk helped to remove the pain after the first limping steps. The mist made photography pointless. As can be seen above.

Rode north with a tailwind. I passed a field with hundreds and hundreds of rooks all tightly packed. The wind had turned slightly to a 45 degree headwind by the time I returned. 13 miles so far. Plus seven more late afternoon. Returned in the dark, lights flashing like a mobile Christmas tree.

Friday 23rd 40F, 4C, quiet. cloudy start with very strong winds later.  It had already cleared to blue by the time I had walked far. Jupiter and a crescent moon shared the sky with bright vapour trails. Later a brilliant sun climbed over the hill before it clouded over again. I'm hoping to avoid the Christmas drunk drivers by not going for a ride today. It is likely to be the last day at work for many drink drivers who will enjoy an extra tipple at their work's Christmas party.

Saturday 24th 41F, 5C, after last night's risk of storm force gusts the wind was as variable as the cloud today. I walked around the rural block. Disturbing several birds of prey as I went. I stopped to stare at a bird through my binoculars as several ponies looked on. As I lowered my binoculars the ponies suddenly panicked and dashed off across their urine-soaked field. A low sun struggled through early cloud and then had the sky almost to itself after that. A mixed day of sunshine and showers with occasional roaring wind. No ride today.

Sunday 25th 41F, 5C, wind, showers and sunshine according to the forecast. Merry Christmas to all my followers and curious visitors. 😊 Let's be careful out there.

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