4 Jul 2016

4th July 2016 Cav x3, Cummings and now Froome!


Monday 4th July, 53F, 12C, inky black overcast during another cloudburst. Cleared to bright blue skies and fluffy clouds with no wind. The forecast is showers all morning. The cold symptoms continue with dizziness, violent sneezing, bunged up chest and nose, coughing, runny eyes, depression and general fuzziness.

Much the same could be said for the weather. Yet again there was a parting of the ways as huge plates of angry cloud passed to the north and south of me. There seemed to be distinct, dark stripes running through them. Even a hint of a corkscrew over the forest as I risked a walk to the village to watch the birds perform and returned unscathed. Despite the sky passing rapidly across it was almost dead calm at ground level with the turbines standing still. No ride today. I just became more unwell and felt more dizzy all day. Cavendish does it again with another sprint win to bring his TdeF total to 28.

Tuesday 5th 55F, 13C, heavy overcast, almost still. The forecast is for rain all day.The DMI radar showed the wet weather passing north of us. So I took an hour's walk with only a drop or two of rain despite the dark skies. A Black cap was foraging on the thistles on some waste ground but seemed not to care that I was standing only a few feet away. Rain and wind all day. No ride today.

Wednesday 6th 53-65F, 12-18C, overcast and very windy. After yesterday's deluge today's forecast is mostly dry but windy with some sunshine. It could gust to 17m/s which is nearly 40mph.[m/s x 2.24 = mph] Perhaps it's just the weather gods forcing me to rest until I recover from this virus. I walked along the edge of the marsh and then skirted the woods to return by the main track. There were probably one hundred immature and/or or female Mallards on the pond which scattered away as I passed. It was blowing a gale throughout so I was grateful for my very thin jogging jacket. I met a very soggy, rather small, tabby cat, out hunting in the long grass by the marsh. It was flattened on the ground and glaring at me so I left it to itself. The roadside trees were bending alarmingly in the wind. Not well enough to ride today.

Thursday 7th 56-65F, 13-18C, bright, calm and sunny. Winds expected to gust to between 20 and 25mph later. I'm still bunged up but not so dizzy today. It stayed bright but breezy for most of the morning. After an early walk and coffee I set off for the shops with a crosswind. Went out again after lunch as it gradually became windier, cloudier and darker but still dry. 23 miles. A bit breathless on the climbs. Cav wins his third sprint on 2016 TdF.

Friday 8th 62-68F, 17-20C,  bright and breezy. Rain forecast for this afternoon. No walk today as I had to have my elderly car looked at. I hardly drive any more but the two yearly vehicle safety test still has to be taken. It would be far cheaper to use buses or taxis, I suppose, but they are not convenient for those rare occasions when I really do need a car. Living out in the countryside makes an "emergency" vehicle too handy to give up completely. Electric cars are still far too expensive for my pocket.  I also have to think seriously about renewing my British driving license. I will probably be expected to obtain a Danish license. Then what happens if all the Brits are sent home by the EU dictatorship following Brexit? The unnelected EU "leaders" are likely to make an example of Britain to avoid too many copycat referendums amongst the ranks.

Mid-morning hilly ride into increasing wind and cloud. A few cyclists out training in the earlier sunshine. Meanwhile I was being tickled to death by thousands of tiny 'storm' flies. Once it started raining after lunch it forgot how to stop. 21 miles.

Steve Cummings wins today's stage by a mountain! Just as the TdeF triumphal arch decorations become a rapidly deflating farce! Not so much "mind your aches" as "mind your arches!" Could all these British successes be the result of competing against a clean peloton?

Saturday 9th 57F, 14C, heavy overcast, showers. I made an early start on the car to see if I could save the considerable expense of replacing the front ABS sensor. Having removed the wheel I found the sensor was jammed fast and made of a weak material which did not accept tapping or leverage. It was all very clean and looked as if it had been replaced very recently. Possibly at the last vehicle check when the front disks and shields were replaced. My very low mileage had not given the area a chance to build up the usual layer of mud. It started raining repeatedly and heavily. So I replaced the front wheel and must face the bill knowing I had done my best. Any brutality would simply have destroyed the sensor. The ABS warning light remains stubbornly lit.

Fortunately it stayed dry for my ride though the first half as into a strong headwind. Coming home was easier. 18 miles.

Chris Froome showed remarkable style in descending rapidly away from the remaining field at the summit. Then adopting a strange pedalling style from an aerodynamic crouch over the front wheel for the stage win and Yellow Jersey. If Cavendish can finish within the allotted time there will be three jerseys worn simultaneously by British riders . Yellow, Green and Dan Martin in White. The UCI will be furious and banning British riders from getting out of the saddle ASAP.

Sunday 10th 61F, 16C, gales and raining. Expected to clear up this afternoon.Which it did just long enough for me to have a short ride and return unscathed. It wasn't too windy by then. Only 7 miles.

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