22 Jul 2016

22nd July 2016 A littery puzzle.

Friday 22nd 74F, 23C, breezy, very warm, cloudy, sunny and sticky. Acrid smoke coming across from the neighbour so we had to close all the windows again. A [demolition waste] wood fire in a heat wave? Only in Denmark! Walked down the road to find the source of heavy rumbling. It was only a tractor turning the hay before the baling continues.

Slightly misty, rural summer scene. 

The Danish farming news is that 2 out of 3 Danish pig farms are infected with MRSA.  The good news is that being tested for MRSA is entirely voluntary in Denmark and that most pig meat is "safely" exported.

Another story dealt with all the things which end up on the Danish roads. I have mentioned before how "special" are the visitors to the recycling centers with their [traditionally] un-roped, un-netted and generally uncovered trailers. The other day I was overtaken in a village by a car traveling at an illegally high speed as its trailer dropped large branches from hedge cutting at very short internals until it was far into the distance and still accelerating. A better mathematician, than I, could probably calculate how far they'd have to travel before they discovered their trailer was completely empty on arrival.

Unknown flower in a swathe of field poppies. Toxic mutation?

Household, builder's and garden refuse are often to be found along the local verges these days. Fortunately the council workers come along every decade, or so, to clear it all up again. Keep Denmark Tidy? Close the council recycling stations to unsecured trailers. How difficult can it be? That damned Janteloven? Thought so.

I haven't mentioned the privatized dustbin lorries recently. The new national sport is rural bin lorry racing from A to B. Based loosely on the Race across America but closed to all but professional racing licensed, refuse disposal operatives. Many of these highly competitive drivers are souping up their engines and fitting wide, low profile racing slicks on smart alloy rims. Watching them corner at high speed is [easily] enough to take your breath away!

Danish crop circle. You can see where the UFO's high temperature exhaust radiation has destroyed the soil's built up toxicity and even allowed real plants to grow. [In case you were wondering: This is a weak joke on so many levels.]

Saturday 23rd 70F, 21C, rather overcast with only brief, occasional brightness. A quiet walk to the village and back. The absence of traffic must be due to the lack of weekday commuters. I followed this pre-amble with high altitude, acrobatic hedge clipping to Olympic dressage rules. Returned indoors dripping and exhausted to update my blog. Still no sign of coffee and rolls prior to Saturday's routine shopping ride. A hedge clipper earns no respect during his lifetime. The Head Gardener should be grateful I didn't go off-piste and practice my high diving skills! Or, rather, lack of. I won't use an indoors stepladder outdoors any more after several sudden listings threw me off. I am incredibly lucky to be still able to bore my readers after a backwards flip from gutter height onto concrete. Fortuately I landed on my head so avoided serious injury.

Late morning ride in almost still conditions with a home made headwind going both ways. Returned heavily laden in more warmth than I enjoy. It reached 80F or 27C. 15 miles.

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