15 Jul 2016

15th July 2016 Put a lid on it!


Friday 15th 58F, 14C, overcast and breezy. It should stay dry but with winds gusting to 15m/s or over 30 mph. I walked past the marsh then along the spray tracks to the top of the forest hill and returned via more spray tracks.  I wore my gaiters but the vegetation was all very dry. The sky remains grey and cloudy with a stiff, westerly wind.

I should have mentioned that I bought a Catlike 'tako' helmet. My last helmet, an Orbea 'Rune' used to impress deep dents into my forehead even when it was worn loose. The thin, internal padding was really pathetic and fell off when brand new. I had stuck cloth tape around the edges to save having the bare foam resting directly against my skin. The lumps across the forehead might suggest that it would cause severe localized trauma on any impact. It also had an awful ratchet arrangement requiring two hands to tighten or loosen the headband.

The Catlike was about £50 equivalent and very comfortable with a nice, simple, tension wheel adjustment. It was also one third of the price of the very uncomfortable Catlike when I last went looking for protective headgear. The Catlike felt marginally cooler than the Orbea and seems to wrap lower around my head. Rather than sitting on top, like a huge pompom on a bobble hat. I have always liked the "hole in the head" style of Catlike's helmets as a refreshing change from strips and slots. Another rest day.

Saturday 16th 55F, 13C, cool, grey and overcast. Possible showers allegedly clearing this afternoon. No news is good news these days. Our world seems to be falling apart. A grey, breezy walk along the lanes trying, and failing, to capture the fields just before they are harvested. I'm trying 3:2 picture format instead of 16:9 or 4:3 just for a change. If the idea was to capture more of today's sulky sky then I don't know why I bothered.

After a day of frequent showers it finally cleared after three pm. Allowing a short ride with the wheels spraying up from sopping wet roads. Only 7 miles in bright sunshine under blue and white skies. Cavendish wins fourth sprint for 30th stage win in the Tour De France.

Sunday 17th 60-62F, 15-17C, calm and sunny with a few, thin plates of ruffled cloud. Showers possible around lunchtime. The wind picked up and heavier plates of cloud passed over as I walked the track to the woods. The verges between the crops and the track were littered with wild flowers. The periods of sunshine became briefer as time passed quietly until it was almost overcast. The crops seem to still the noise of human activity. Providing a gentle blanket of peace to the background of urgent birdsong.

It started spitting as I left. Then continued raining unabated right up until the moment I turned into the drive on my return. A few stalwarts/optimists out t'raining with no rain jackets. You'd think they twig the similarity in verbs. Plenty of drivers whom haven't heard of tire spray nor giving a cyclist a minimum 1.5m clearance. [5' in old money] Now add in the Danish national sport of speeding well above the legal limit. So I'm soaked from head to socks despite the cheapo [bin-bag quality] rain jacket. Still, the temperatures were pleasant enough and the winds never too much of a chore. 22 miles.

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