1 Jul 2016

1st July 2016 Cav in Yellow!


Friday 1st July, 61-65F, 16-18C, dense cloud to overcast, breezy from east to south east with the promise of more rain. I managed only half a mile before it started pouring down. So I turned round and walked back. The afternoon brought a tempting, but short-lived brightness. Did I mention the rain? I should have taken my Wellies. Only 7 miles.

Saturday 2nd 59-65F, 15-18C, light variable winds with lots of cloud. Rain or showers are forecast again. The decision to wear summer MTB shoes seems to have been premature. The winter boots are waterproof thanks to a lack of ventilation. The Head Gardner and I have both been having cold like symptoms for the last week. It seems unlikely we would both suffer from exactly the same allergy. Meanwhile there has been a lot of spraying on the fields around our garden.

No walk but I left into a grey sky on the trike. The rain stayed away while I was out and there was even some sunshine. Rather windy from many different directions with the trees thrashing about. Looking at the DMI's rainfall radar shows all the showers passed well south of us. 15 miles. The Tour-de-France 2016 starts today. And today's sprint, stage win and Yellow Jersey were won by a very well deserving Mark Cavendish.

Sunday 3rd 54F, 12C, bright at times but mostly overcast, raining, windy. The forecast is for rain or thundery showers for most of the day. I see the BBC has finally added Cavendish's Tour De France win to its news website. When the ex-girlfriend of the second cousin of a South American footballer's third wife gets a splinter we get a blow by blow account and in depth discussion of her chances of a full recovery and how it will affect the known universe.

When a British rider makes sporting history in the world's biggest cycle race some deluded snob of an apology for a spectator sports journalist at the BBC decides it is unworthy of mention? Can they even ride a bike, unaided? Perhaps they should try a trike? Should the ability to ride an upright racing trike be a condition of BBC employment? That would certainly sort a tiny number of men from an awful lot of boys. I mean, anybody can ride a bike. Can't they? 

Enjoyed a pleasant but breezy walk to the village and back. The weather gods kept hurling their plates of cloud over, each dragging their filthy underskirts, but they all missed. It was the Swallows turn to put on an acrobatics display. With heavy showers on and off I had no need to don a full rubber suit today.

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