13 Jul 2016

13th July 2016. If it's not Brexit don't fix it.


Wednesday 13th 65-70F, 18-21C. Bright and breezy all day despite warnings of possible showers. Mid morning ride to buy some screws but no stock. 20 enjoyable and hilly miles. 

Cameron gone. May greets Larry the cat as head of the household. Heads you lose. Tails you lose. Hollande's hairdresser enjoys a huge salary for doing only half a job. Have you seen Hollande's shiny bonce?

Sagan enjoys a hugely deserved stage win with Froome contesting right to the line in a four man breakaway. Great cycling! Poor old Cav had a gear problem as did a Tinkoff rider. Look no [electric] gears! How much do these mechs cost? HOW much?!? And how much did it cost Cav in potential earnings or glory? Damned cycling! Must not have used those massively advertised batteries whose name thankfully escapes me. The 13th is highly subjective, isn't it!  I haven't been taking many pictures recently and it shows. Unlucky for some.

Thursday 14th 56F, 13C, breezy and bright. It seems Cavendish's gears took a knock before failing. Fragility seems like a piss-poor characteristic for a top of the range [i.e. ridiculously expensive!] cycling component. Watching a mechanic hanging over a cycle to adjust the gears while they ride alongside the team car screams amateurish. Not clever! Talking of amateurish I was going to ride 40 miles to collect something I had ordered online. However, it seems holidays interrupt 'service as normal' for some small businesses. I have been having similar problems from an other 'amateur' online supplier. Once bitten twice shy! Buy from a reliable company and sod the slight increase in prices or freight charges. At least they don't all go on holiday without leaving anybody in charge!

I left at nine to go to Odense with a tailwind to buy some screws at twice the price. Cruising at 16-18mph was good fun. Coming back was not! Now straight into the wind with patchy drizzle and 9-12mph. A bit tired towards the end despite eating well throughout. Burp! 44 miles. I am [almost] ashamed to admit to having just passed the 2000 mile barrier for this year. I am now somebody who cycles rather than an OCD tricyclist who eats and sleeps in between rides.

The Tour de Farce descends to a whole new level of disorganized idiocy. Perhaps if they'd spent that ugly, bald bloke's hairdresser's salary on a few more security barriers? They might have reduced the inevitable carnage that the annual release of Europe's raving lunatics always causes. It was interesting to see a couple of the motorbike riders actually trying to push the worst of the raving lunatics back from the road.

If the results stand I hope the riders go on strike as Chris Boardman has predicted. The riders put their lives and unbelievable efforts on the line only to have the Tour de Farce take the money and run every single time. I said years ago that they should put blades on the motorcycles to clear the way through the raving lunatics on the climbs. Raving lunatics 1- Froome 0. Tour de Farce? Who knows? But I bet it will dent their bottom line if sponsors start to waver at an annual show of complete and utter madness. There's nothing like a loss to concentrate obscenely greedy people's attention. A final word of advice to Froome, if I may be so bold, try wearing MTB shoes next time you fancy a jog up the Ventoux. I'm fairly sure I've seen them in yellow.

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