5 Jan 2018

4th January 2018 A bit of a ride.


Thursday 4th 36F, 2C, a light breeze and an almost clear sky. It seems the storm Eleanor crashed into Europe further south than us. Walked to the village and back. There is rather a lot of standing water out on the fields.

Later I rode to Odense. Going well on the way at 17-20mph on the flat in the light tailwind and keeping my cadence in the high 90s rpm. Harder coming back into the wind.

I couldn't believe the price of winter walking jackets. £200-500 equivalent for Gore-Tex! I bet they're all made in the same Bangladeshi, deathtrap factory by economic and child slaves! No day passes when some ridiculously overpriced "Labelled" product is not outed as a slave driver by proxy. Not that it bothers the lemming fashionistas.

They still buy iRottenApple's products regardless of the endlessly critical, daily news of their decidedly dodgy, business practices. Perhaps it will finally take examination of their tax returns to match Capone's final undoing? Not paying taxes is just a massive tax-payer subsidy to a private company. Do you really want to pay your taxes directly to such trillionaire, slave driving mafiosi? To give completely unfair, global, commercial advantage to such a corrupt, near monopoly?

I wore the Nordic lobster claw gloves on the way there but then changed to the normal fingered gloves as I warmed up. My Asse winter jacket was rather too warm in conjunction with the 'Aviator' cap. Though I was grateful for the warmth in the cold headwind on the way back.  40+ miles but I forgot to check my computer in the dark on my return. I remember it was 21 miles to my first goal. Though I wandered around several 'outdoor' shops in the city before finally heading home in the gathering gloom. Bike shop winter jackets were all predominantly black. No doubt thanks to the Sky colours. The exclusive, millionaire members of whom never [ever] ride in the dark. That would be suicidal and Sky can't afford to lose anybody from their commuter train.

I can't say I really missed the Brooks B17 saddle today. Though I still haven't found the sweet spot to sit on the now elderly, Vetta SL. The overpriced alternatives are all still, pseudo-scientific, uncomfortable, hyper-hyped crap. Shall, I buy the orange one or the green one? Eeny meany.. I'll just have to wait for the multi-thousand quid, graphene cobwebs to come out. Carbon fiber just isn't good enough for serious tricyklists, like me. 😎

Friday 5th  37F, 3C, heavy overcast and damp but almost calm. Some sunshine is threatened for later. It looked, however briefly, as if the blue would break through the gloom but it wasn't to be. The light wind had gone around to the north. No doubt to the confusion of the commuting birds. The mink gulls had moved to yet another field further up by the woods. Looking rather like a series of distant puddles reflecting the sky to the naked eye. It never did brighten up. I exiled myself to the shed and didn't come out until it was nearly dark. That must have confused the CIA drones circling constantly overhead. ;-)

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