22 Jan 2018

22nd January 2018 No snow like no snow. 12.9C!

Monday 22nd 32F, 0C, breezy, heavy overcast with sticky snow falling. Took a brisk, 40 minute walk along the lanes while dodging traffic spray. Snow thinning to smaller flakes now. Only about half an inch of snow lying. Though the roads were clear and wet after salting. It snowed for most of the day but didn't gain much depth. No ride today.

Tuesday 23rd 34F, 1C, heavy overcast, light winds. Half an inch of wet snow should soon succumb to the promised rain.

Five geese went low overhead as I walked down the drive.  Minutes later two large herons appeared flying low along the road directly towards me. They veered off and disappeared behind trees but one came back soon afterwards. Later still, one was sitting hunched up on a field near the road. Saw a large, dead rat with no obvious sign of injury. Becoming windy and misty as the day drags on. The mist cleared mid afternoon allowing me to ride to the shops. Returned in late dusk, flashing like a Christmas tree. The wind was mostly across my path. Only 7 miles.

Wednesday 24th 45-50F, 7-10C, unusually mild, heavy overcast, damp and windy. Heavy rain and 45mph gusts are promised for later. My usual walk with mixed birds moving along the hedgerows. Including Coal tits, Great tits and Blue tits.

If it gets much above 12C later it will be a new heat record for Denmark in January. The record was set @ 12.4C in 2005. On only four occasions has the temperature reached or exceeded 12C [53.6F] since 1875. All after 1990. The record was duly broken at Sønderborg in SE Jylland [Eng: Jutland] in southern Denmark with 12.7C. Now updated to 12.9C with higher temperatures possible as they are expected to peak later. These temperatures are still subject to confirmation.

My outdoor sensor is presently showing 50.4F, 10C at 16.30pm. This is the same thermometer I use for recording [rounded] temperatures on my blog. With the outdoor sensor hanging free beneath the northern, roof overhang to avoid direct sunlight. The gales did not make it an ideal day for a ride.

Thursday 25th 42F, 6C, mild, overcast with fairly light winds. Walked to the far woods for a change of scenery. Saw a large heron and several flocks of small birds. Too distant to identify. The landscape is a bit drab at the moment. We could do with some sunshine! The new Danish temperature record for January rests at 12.9C subject to the usual calibration checks. Id have done a bit of sunbathing on the lawn but there wasn't any sun. Imagine how hot it could have been with bright sunshine and a well established El Niño!

Mid afternoon ride returning just before dusk with a crosswind. Fleeting glimpse of a watery sun. The commuters were driving like mad persons on the way back, as usual. I began to believe I was in a Putian YT bad driving video at one point. As countless lives were risked against head on traffic to save 2.015 seconds.

Pulled onto the grass verge a couple of times to let buses pass where there were chains of oncoming traffic and the bus drivers refused to overtake. I can only presume they were holding back to admire the way I can ride for miles with the inside wheel just behind the white line of the 50mm [2"] wide "cycle lane." Only 13 miles.

Friday 26th 37-40F, 3-4C, calm, with thick 100 yard mist. The sun is trying to break through now as the mist slowly thins. I could see blue overhead and hear geese crossing but there was no sign of them. Several drivers swerved away from me as they drove in zombie mode and despite my wearing my bright orange jacket. No ride today. Talking of bright: The Danish government is considering making authorized cycle lights compulsory on all new bikes.

Saturday 27th 37-40F, 3-4C, dark grey, misty and drab with light winds. An early start to my walk gave me time to do my once familiar, clockwise walk along to the woods and back the other way. The same two herons were together on a roadside field but flew away towards the marsh. It was rather wet underfoot as I climbed the reedy tracks between bare trees. Few, or none, seem to go this way.

I eventually reached the beech woods and headed for the field at the highest point. This had been ploughed so I had to change my route. I came across a small deer grazing the low crops. Took a few photographs while I was out despite the melancholy mist and gloom. Or perhaps because of it.

Late morning ride to the shops returning well loaded. Lots of birds of prey looming like roosting hens in the trees. Only 7 miles.

Sunday 28th 38-46F, 3-8C, overnight gales, with strong gusts, continued into the morning. Walked to the village and back. The two, large herons were back on the same field. One was much more nervous than the other and left on my passing along the road. The other sat it out despite being much nearer. Several days of gales with 40-45 mph gusts are forecast as Atlantic lows cross from the UK. No ride today.

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