11 Jan 2018

10th January 2018 Welcome to paradise!


Thursday 11th 36F, 2C, overcast, thick mist and almost calm. Rain later.

Denmark has been highly praised by the BBC as being the most well governed country in the world. Good access to health, welfare, education and a lack of corruption outweighed Denmark's very high taxation and the very high cost of living. From my own viewpoint of living here for 20-odd years I'd say the relaxed, informal lifestyle and general lack of crime ought to have added several more points in Denmark's favour.

Escaping from crime riddled and deeply corrupt Britain was the best thing which every happened to us. Nowhere is remotely perfect but Denmark gets a lot more of of it right where ordinary people are concerned. Though its present "leaders" seem hell bent on undermining all that was once taken for granted. Deliberate inequality is spreading like The Bubonic Plague.


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