12 Jan 2018

12 January 2018 Raw but not rare.

Friday 12th 35F, 2C, a light wind at first, building to breezy. Heavy overcast and light rain on my grey walk and later. I saw a jogger today, which is almost a first in all the time I have been enjoying my morning walks. No ride today.

Saturday 13th 33F, +1C, windy, overcast and dark grey. With flakes of snow in the light sleet as I walked briskly to the rural lanes. "Raw" is a good expression for today's weather. Even with my hands behind my back, to shelter my cheapo fleece gloves from the wind, my hands were soon aching from the cold. Six, and then five more Whooper swans flew over heading north.

The McSlob's McSlob is back to its litter broadcasting tricks. It must have taken years of practice to achieve such precision, simultaneous littering on both sides of the road. If they can just master the art of changing to one red sock and one blue sock they can instantly claim a new Guinness <cough> record for being a complete idiot. In every sense of the word.

Talking of which: Get your laughing gear around this:


Later afternoon ride to the shops. It stayed dry and cool but I was quite comfortable. 7 miles.

Sunday 14th 32F, 0C, breezy with a heavy overcast.  Possible brightness later. The solid grey sky is giving way to slight variation. Another raw walk thanks to the wind. The cold dry air has dried out a lot of mud. It has taken on a crystalline surface in places. The floods on the fields are also shrinking daily. The eternal optimism of the trees is visible in every single twig carrying new leaf buds. No ride today.


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