2 Aug 2016

2nd August 2016 Agricultural leaning towards organic?


Tuesday 2nd 56F, 13C, overcast and almost dead calm. The garden is full of different kinds of birds all dashing about. Early showers forecast again with a later clearing to sunshine. No sign of rain as I walked to the woods. Where I saw five separate deer bounding about in the crops. They were completely invisible when they stayed still and kept their ears down. I returned via the spray tracks as the wind is picking up a little. It wasn't a bad day with lots of sunshine but I was too busy for a ride.

I saw this tractor coming over the brow at an extreme angle of lean. By the time I had stopped, parked the trike safely on the verge of the steep hill and then found my camera it was too late and the tractor was approaching fast. Best seen full screen.

Wednesday 3rd 59F, 15C, heavy overcast, light wind building, rain coming. The stench of perfume and pig's diarrhoea greeted me outside the door. I walked the lanes for an hour looking for photo opportunities before it became more threatening with a first sprinkle of raindrops. Soon after I was safely indoors it absolutely tipped down. Late morning and I had another dose of extreme dizziness. Is it walking through the crops? Walking beside the crops? Cycling past the crops? An inner ear problem to go with my 'deaf in my left ear' problem? Exacerbated by driving into town with the window open in baking heat? Late afternoon drying after a day of heavy showers and rain. Blowing a gale now.

Thursday 4th 64F, 18C, breezy, overcast but bright. Showers forecast for all day. Possibly thundery. Yesterday's dizziness has passed for the moment but I have roaring tinnitus. It rained heavily during walking opportunities. Late afternoon ride for 7 miles.

Distant view of a deer standing under a tree. [Honest!]

Have I mentioned that our water is so hard it leaves white marks where it dribbles down from the water bottle cage? It's not unlike a well-used stainless steel kettle. The only way to get rid of the 'chalk' stains is ScotchBrite. A dry or wet rag has no effect. Much of the drinking water comes from deep bore wells. I just hope the farmer's toxins don't seep deep enough until they have the technology to remove them. Some farmer's want handouts to stop spraying directly over the wells. So, if they can stop spraying, in exchange for public handouts, why do they need to spray at all? Answers on a postcard to...

A recent story in the Danish news said that only organic farmers are making any money. The rest are so deep in debt that the banks would all fold if they were forced to demand repayment of the agricultural bad debts. The EU has another vast lake of milk from massive overproduction. You've got to admire the EU's agricultural stance if only for its utter reliability in taking their inflated wages while mismanaging everything else on a massive scale. Chains of supermarkets in Denmark are stopping the sale of caged hen's eggs. While some professor has pointed out that caged hens have a lower mortality rate than free range, organic and barn raised hens. 

Friday 5th 64-69F, 18-21C, cloudy with bright periods. Variable wind. Rode to Odense. Cross tailwind with lots of cloud going. Headwind but mostly dry coming home. Early on a cyclist out training caught up with me and passed at high speed. His tires seemed to be making a hell of a racket because I could hear him coming up behind me from 100 yards away and on down the road afterwards. [My hearing is not the best at the moment.] Could his training bike be 'doped?' What a stupid term! Probably invented by another dope?

As I left the outskirts of Odense I escaped a sudden downpour by riding into the tree lined drive of a posh house. The rain only lasted a few minutes and then I could continue on wet roads. I saw quite a low recumbent bike tourist going the other way. I wonder how much his locks weighed? I had both the Abus chain and U-lock aboard for several extra kilos of city-level security going both ways. 43 miles.

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