21 Aug 2016

21st August 2016 Was your murder really necessary?


Sunday 21st 

Was your murder really necessary?

The Danish news was headlined by some raving fuckwit throwing a heavy paving slab off a motorway bridge. The driver of the car it hit was killed instantly, a female passenger injured but a child in the car survived unhurt. This occurred at four in the morning on a bridge where very heavy paving slabs had been thrown before. Is it mere coincidence that it is a very quiet road with very little traffic? I have often ridden that way to get to the delightfully picturesque lakes, hills and forests of the area. The whole area is interlaced with narrow, twisting lanes and steep little hills. It is not a suitable route to get anywhere in a hurry.

The police are now treating the case as murder and/or attempted murder. This is because an adult or adults must have been involved due to the sheer weight of the missiles. Not to mention the premeditated use of a vehicle, trailer or wheelbarrow[?] to bring the murder weapons of choice to the crime scene. The motorway was closed for four hours as the debris was cleared up. Vehicles had been hitting lumps of concrete on the carriageway at high speed. Though, thankfully,  nobody else was reported injured.

The police never solved the previous case[s] of missile throwing from the same bridge. Unfortunately, it is a basic human right in Denmark that cowardly killers be not overlooked by security cameras while trying to mass murder innocent human beings on motorways. So clues are unlikely from that source. What a shame a posh jeweler hadn't a shop full of priceless baubles on the bridge. There would certainly have been security cameras then. And probably a specialist [armed] police task force to respond instantly to "unsuitable" customers.

This horrific tragedy was compounded by the completely random, innocent victims not even being Danes. Hopefully the investigation will be taken rather more seriously now to rid society of potential mass murderers.

Just imagine if the struck vehicle had been a large or even a double, bulk petrol tanker? Or the driver of a coach full of innocent people? Or both? There is a busy internet stopping point nearby with fuel pumps and a restaurant. It can be easily seen on the right of the motorway in the image above. Imagine if a petrol tanker or toxic bulk carrier had careered up the slip road and exploded amongst the other parked petrol tankers and toxic bulk carriers? 

It might even have made the international news headlines for all of several minutes! The fatality of one innocent driver on a motorway hardly warrants a mention under the latest, multimillionaire, footballer transfer. Or drunken, night club assault by one multimillionaire footballer on another. There would have been security cameras to undermine the footballer's momentarily expensive defense barrister in court. Not in Denmark.

I find the hideously premeditated and completely random nature of this evil motorway incident both horrific and horribly depressing. This was terrorism against the entire travelling public of Europe.

Those four narrow lanes of asphalt carry every single vehicle traveling east and west across northern Europe to and from beyond tiny Denmark's capital of Copenhagen. There is no other sensible way for innocent drivers to reach Sweden, Norway or even Finland and beyond to Eastern Europe. Or for those same nations to travel south into mainland Europe.

A few paltry hours of community service will not suffice for the perpetrator[s] this time. How many accidents will be now be directly caused because drivers are monitoring lone standing figures on motorway bridges instead of watching the road ahead? How will children cope with a journey by motorway if it involves passing under these same bridges on their way to school? This is terrorism.

Update: There have been several more cases of missiles thrown from local, motorway bridges in this last week alone. The police have reported that it was not the male driver but the women passenger who died early on Sunday morning. A man in an Audi had his car destroyed earlier in the week when a tree trunk was hurled off another nearby bridge. It struck the radiator with such force that it bent the car's chassis and the car had to be written off as irreparable. He was incredibly lucky not to have been killed!

In another case a paving slab landed on the roof of a passing car. A fraction of a second earlier and the slab would have gone through the windscreen. Obviously a bad case of mistiming by the callous, would-be murderer of random innocents.

Premeditated intention to cause death and injury is no different whether the weapon be a car, a paving slab, a gun, a knife, a crowbar or a bomb! This is going to need more than just sending a junior constable round to check whether the terrorists have already left the scene! If cameras can be used to monitor traffic on the motorway then they can also be pointed at the bridges which cross it. If only to monitor the traffic if they really need a legal loophole that badly. What is the alternative? Fence every single bridge and viaduct in Denmark to protect Europe's innocent motorists and train passengers? 

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