22 Aug 2016

22nd August 2016 That bird again?


Monday 22nd 62F, 17C, breezy with sunshine but some cloud. The brightness was very short lived as it soon turned to overcast. I walked a loop out on the local stubble fields looking for new, photogenic views but failed. The heavy cloud and haze spoiled any chance of sharpness or 'sparkle.' The sky is darkening towards the threat of the forecast showers as the wind builds for a downpour.

I interrupted a cat in its hunting in a field hedge and it slunk off in a huff. Then I spotted a large pale bird resting on a big bale about a hundred yards away. At first I was trying to make it into a heron. It was certainly the correct size but took off as soon as I lifted my binoculars but then it perched on a more distant tree. It was easily the whitest bird of prey I have ever seen. With hardly any dark plumage at all it was standing out like a beacon against the dark foliage. Now I remember a similarly pale bird not far away in the spring. It may even be the same bird. That one perched on a copse of dark conifers and could easily be seen for miles for those who were looking. Thank goodness this is not Scotland!

The police have confirmed that the woman killed by a paving slab thrown from a Motorway bridge on Fyn was German. Copycat fuckwits have thrown stones from a bridge at a worker's car on the new [as yet unopened] motorway at Silkeborg. No injury is reported. Though brain damage is heavily suspected in the culprits.

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