25 Aug 2016

25th August 2016 Fyn? Isn't that a takeway on the motorway somewhere?


Thursday 25th 63F, 17C, bright sunshine in an almost cloud free sky. Just a few small stripes but more cloud on the northerly horizon. The forecast is warmer still. Though not [remotely] the mid 90sF seen in parts of England yesterday.

Still no sign of the motorway, paving slab terrorist. Apparently Copenhagen does have security cameras because they have found somebody to question over multiple vehicle fires. It seems that [presumably insured] financial [vehicle] loss in the capital is infinitely more important than murder in a Danish "backwater" like Fyn. I wonder how the numbers of policemen and their resources per crime stack up against each other? The Danish news is all about the apprehension of a suspect. The terrorist murder on the motorway is now noticeable by its absence from the DR News website. Perhaps there's a gagging order to hide the terrifying vulnerability of the Danish/Scandinavian/European road infrastructure to an attack by a single [possibly teenage] actor armed with stone age weapons? Is concrete stone age? Whatever. God help us if Denmark is ever attacked by an advanced species from the sky!  

The main DR headlines are just the usual posturing of the politicoze as they play musical chairs on their exclusive gravy train and seek new ways to disguise their paybacks to their election sponsors in reduced taxation for the glitterati. Just the everyday corruption of the national politico/journalist's mutual parasitism of: "You rub my back and I'll rub yours." Rest day, sweating over a hot lathe at 82F in the shed. And no, She didn't make me do it!

A little grain loss on the corners is everyday fare on Fyn. We once drove north for 10 miles following a continuous 4" deep trail of grain in the gutter. Farmer's trailers and a complete lack of grain tightness must an absolute godsend to the poor old rats! And they wonder why there is a plague of the things? There are two dead rats on the road within spitting distance. So handicapped by stuffing their faces with free grain that they could no longer avoid speeding motorists. 

Friday 26th 65F, 18C, breezy and fairly bright with thin, high cloud. This should be the last, warm day for this year. I have never enjoyed hot weather. Now the sun has broken through and the sky is lit up with feathery, ice clouds. It looks quite promising except for the repeat performance of 20mph gusts. Which basically means a steady wind speed of 20mph with little variation. I wish they'd hurry up with having corner shops offering 5D printing of Graphene so I can build a lightweight fairing for the trike.

I made a Perspex screen for my secondhand bike when I was still at school. Then dropped it on a sharp uphill corner in the wet, on its very first outing and smashed it! That put me off Perspex for life! I'm really not keen on Tufnol either. Nor low pressure tyres and rubber pedals but we won't get into that. I don't want to start any more rumours after last week's foolish admission on the subject of leather saddle bags. Don't even mention tarpaulins!

You would not believe the slope these machines were traversing off to the left. I waited until both were in the picture but they were well off the slope by then.

It had already reached 75F by the time I tootled off on my morning walk. Wearing my lightweight trekking trousers and thinnest t-shirt, with trekking sandals on my feet, I hoped for the some good old fashioned coolth. It worked up to a point, in the shade of the roadside trees, thanks to the cooling breeze. But even a glimpse of the sun was enough to melt chocolate had I been daft enough to be carrying any with me. Which is my favourite trick when I carry dark chocolate muesli bars. I put them in my cycling jersey back pockets to warm them up to save breaking my teeth. Then forget to eat the damned things!

A couple [sic] of young cyclists passed by on their racing bikes in all their proper togs but weren't making much progress. They were actually being caught uphill by the local pensioner who does a hilly lap every morning with a cadence measured in plate tectonics. He usually rides single file with a lady of similar maturity but I haven't seen her in quite a while.

How do people in hot climates wear baseball caps? Despite its value as a sun visor I spend more time carrying it in my hand just trying to stay cool! I had better get off now before I alienate anybody else. I have been officially informed [by The Head Gardener, no less] that one does not deliberately choose to do a long ride on the hottest day of the year. So that's that then. Shopping it is, but without any of the usual <cough> "heroics." Or did She mean histrionics? Unless, of course, I am allowed to claim heroic status for bringing home 35lbs of shopping? Only 7 miles in mostly a cross wind that felt more like a headwind going both ways. My legs are aching again. Lack of mileage or standing up for too long yesterday? It had peaked at nearly 83F, 29C on my return. That's almost like going south for winter training but without any of the altitude. 

Click on any mage for an enlargement.

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