10 Aug 2016

10th August 2016 Lies, damned lies and advertising.


Wednesday 10th 52F, 11C, bright and breezy. Showers forecast for most of the day with thunder possible. Temperatures continue to fall. I walked anticlockwise around my usual route up to the woods in bright sunshine with a cool wind at times. It was comfortable enough once I had warmed up on the climb. The Beech woods were as shady and chilly as they are likely to become. Only a single hare today and not one deer. Swallows and Martins cartwheeled around me. Pulling such sharp turns they were often difficult to follow with the eye. It is hard not to embew their aerial antics with sheer enthusiasm. More of the fields are being harvested. Closely followed by ploughing and sewing a new crop. New walking routes are presented while others disappear. Another rest day.

Thursday 11th 51-58F, 11-14C, almost calm with bright sunshine. A short walk to capture some pictures of hay bales and trailers.

I keep getting spam in my blog post comments. I can only presume these are sent out using automatic software. Even a sub-normal, idiot human being would know that Google does not allow live links in blog post comments. So, even if I allowed the comments, which are always so full of glowing praise for my blog, their real message and commercial source would never, ever appear! It might actually be fun to post the comments if only to read their effusive admiration for "my work" once Google has stripped away your real message.

If only these chumps knew how much I detest any form of advertising. After decades of exposure to the repetitive, sub-infantile, retarded lies in every break on UK-ITV, I have become highly allergic to advertising. I will literally avoid anything which is loudly promoted. Particularly as unwanted and obtrusive attention seekers in my everyday or online life. I place those who "work" in advertising firmly amongst violent criminals, pedophiles, estate agents and people traffickers. They promote crap which people don't need by inventing false exclusivity. So I hope they get my message. Just don't bother. I am far more likely to badmouth your product and outlet than allow free advertising at my expense. Clicking the spam box and deleting your crap might be fairly effortless but consumes the limited man hours left to me. Just like all advertising it steals people's time by false pretences.

Which is precisely, of course, why so much advertising is gutter level dross and transparently twisted lies. They know that attention grabbing and highly irritating works. Simply because it demands the attention of the viewer to correct misinformation before moving on.

The corrupt crooks who first allowed subtitles in TV advertising must be living in a gilded, marble palace, in tax exile by now. I just hope their remaining time on this planet is both very long, hideously expensive and excruciatingly agonizing! You deserve no less.

I rode to beyond Fåborg by the hilliest possible route. Which included Trunderup, Håstrup, Ny Stenderup, Svanninge, Diernæs and Pejrup. It was fun attacking all the small rises out of the saddle. My legs felt stronger than my lungs on the longer climbs though I rarely dropped much below 8mph. I only used the 36t sprocket briefly, a couple of times, just to keep my cadence. Coming back was into the wind so I was using the tri-bar extensions quite a lot. I was seeing 17-22mph on the flat despite the cool headwind. Rode back by a similar route with just as many hills. Lots of harvesting and cultivation going on. Many birds of prey including a very large bird with Red Kite-like markings. Too far away to photograph as it moved away. It had been perfectly happy sitting on the stubble field while balers and loaders roared around. 59 miles.

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