11 Jun 2018

6th June 2018 Scorchio!


Wednesday 6th, 61-74F, 16-23C, breezy with constant sunshine. A few high clouds crossing now and then. A 40 minute walk. Mid afternoon ride to the shops. Only 7 miles. Headwind going. Laden on my return. Going well.

Thursday 7th 70-77F, 21-25C, scorchio, bright and breezy again. Just my usual 40 minute rural walk as it heats up rapidly. I have an achy right knee. After spending some time outdoors in hot sunshine I wasn't feeling well after lunch. I recovered after drinking plenty of water and a rest. I'm really not a hot weather person. No ride today.

Friday 8th 67-80F, 20-27C, bright and sunny with a light easterly breeze. Walked for over 2 hours today. Along rough tracks, up and down through rougher forest. Clambering in and out of drainage ditches and over fallen trees. Wading through head high grasses. Saw half a dozen hares, at least as many birds of prey. Had to detour to avoid the same spraying tractor by putting myself upwind. Even had to jog for a hundred yards as he approached the narrow, winding lane ahead of me. I was trying to walk off my poorly knee but it wasn't improved. Silly old sod! It became too hot for me later and I had to stay indoors to rest and cool off.

Saturday 9th 67F, 20C, bright and breezy with quite a lot of cloud. It was already uncomfortably warm for my 40 minute walk. I was allowed out of a late morning shopping ride. Going well on the way but tired on the return into the wind when fully laden. Only 14 miles. The drought continues. Today's promised rain amounted to four drops on the paving slabs outside the trike shed. The DMI radar showed showers passing right over but none came. Everything, including the hedges, is covered in sticky residue from billions of tiny, black beetles.

Sunday 10th 68-66F, 20-19C, overcast and calm. Thundery showers are promised. A short walk with a wonky right knee was curtailed further by the arrival of light rain. I used it as an excuse to head back home. Where it immediately stopped again. My T-shirt was hardly damp with only a few spots. The rain must have been highly localized because the DMI radar was showing a huge blob of rain passing right over us. We had some real rain around lunch time and later, but no thunder. 66F was wonderful to be working outdoors.

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