26 Jun 2018

26th June 2018 Cough-cough-VW-cough!


Tuesday 26th 56-77F, 13-25C, misty, grey and calm. Warmer and brighter later. Just my usual walk to the lanes. There being no battery power to run the windmills they were standing still. The mink gulls were complaining loudly because they were having to flap their wings.  I could have done with a breeze myself as I plodded briskly into the blinding sunshine. While sporting a Hollywood copyright, sweat stain on the back of my jacket. The promising mist and cloud had already evaporated as it reaches a truly awful, 72F at 11.00am.

Denmark has independently [re-]invented the traffic speed camera so is going ahead with 20-odd fixed installations on a trial basis. These will replace the existing fleet of police camera vans. The strict rules of Janteloven having been satisfied, Denmark may even export their newly [re-]invented technology. Since speeding is listed on Wikipedia as Denmark's national sport, we can all look forwards to new Danish land speed records being set in built-up areas.

In other, breaking news, moped riders hurled a stone at a camera speed van which struck the police operative causing injury. Be careful what you wish for, children. Soon Denmark will [re-]invent the street camera and all crime will end overnight. Just as it has in the UK.

VW <cough> has won Pike's Peak 2018, annual hill climb with its <cough> "all electric" <cough> cost no object, super car. It set a new record for electric and all other vehicles. Now rumours are circulating that the record may be annulled and the prize withdrawn after VW was found to be cheating on its test emissions. Spectators had raised serious doubts about the car's true <cough> "all electric" validity <cough> when its extremely well hidden, 18 liter, twin turbo, V24, diesel engine coughed loudly on the very first corner. Then left a thick cloud of black smog all the way to the top of the mountain. Later drivers complained that they couldn't see the road ahead! Not much has changed there then. 😊

Sent on an afternoon shopping ride as it climbed beyond a sweaty 77F. The village was full of teenagers coming out of school. It was awful seeing so many happy young people. I'll be glad when it rains!  Returned heavily laden. Only 7 miles.

The Head Gardener has warned me not to go to a local village on Saturday. The circus is in town and I'm the only tricycling clown in the village. They might kidnap me! Perhaps She thinks I might run away to the circus? Not likely as I haven't liked clowns since I was brained by one with a giant wooden comb in my distant youth. You didn't really think I was born like this?

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