25 Jun 2018

25th June 2018 Mink gulls looking for handouts.


Monday 25th 60-72F, 15-22C, rather cloudy with only light winds. Expected to warm up with sunshine later. My legs let me know I had a hilly ride yesterday. Not painful but noticeable. I'd better have a walk. A buzzard wandered lazily across the prairie and settled in a tree. Not much else happened.

Wind powered, mink gulls enjoying the 5 Star breakfast room with its unspoilt rural views.

In slow, breaking news: This week's, token, Danish environment minister is taking a break from defending the Danish farmers' absolute human right to pollute the drinking water table. They [the token minister] have announced an intention to reduce vehicle smog by an arbitrary amount some time in the next century. The mention of electric cars is treated as political blasphemy in Denmark. So they weren't. 

Given the increasingly rapid rate of ice melt in Antarctica the minister would be better off promising to reduce boat smog. Denmark is likely to be more affected by sea level rise than most other countries. I'd better start thinking about floats and paddles for my trike if I am to continue smog-free shopping into ripe, old age.

Wealthy summer house owners have just put a stop to a planned offshore wind farm. The giant turbines would have been visible from their property investments. There is no reduction of property taxes for even the most hideous eyesores in Denmark. So they had no choice but to appeal against planing permission. Perhaps they should appeal against the countless, plastic shotgun cartridges littering the Danish beaches? Why stop there? They could appeal a farmer's absolute right to blight the entire country with pig's manure.

Talking of farming: Farmers are harvesting a fortnight earlier than usual but with [claimed] poor results. Denmark had a late winter followed by severe drought and very early summer heat. Fortunately it wasn't AGW. AGW doesn't exist in Denmark. That would be tantamount to admitting you were immature and fouling your own nest as the proud nation's emissions continue to rise exponentially. Reductions would conflict with Jante's unbreakable 3rd Law of the Conservation of Momentum of taxation towards the infinite.

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