31 Mar 2018

28th March 2018 Giving the Ecco boots their marching orders?


Wednesday 28th 32F, 0C, very heavy overcast, light winds building to gales with rain, sleet or snow. The wind was already roaring in the trees on my morning walk to the village and back. I had the boots laced only as far as the ankles and was still in pain.

The tree clearance is almost complete. I'm still wondering how they are going to remove the large tree stumps. Presumably using a large excavator. The stumps with their root systems can hardly be left in the ground if it is intended to plough and cultivate the new area of field. The change is dramatic, going from a rectangle of very tall, mature trees to nothing at all.

Thursday 29th 32F, 0C, breezy, heavy overcast with overnight snow still falling. Only about an inch lying at the moment but expected to continue all day as the wind falls light. Easter is upon us but some supermarkets should be open. I set off in falling snow to reach the woods, skirted the large fields and descended, back home without a pause. The airborne flakes have spoilt most of my pictures. The boots were laced only loosely and not up the ankle. Which helped to avoid the usual pain. It snowed all day but did not accumulate to more than an inch or so.

Friday 30th 26-39F, -3-4C, calm, clear and bright. After a clear night the snow is very patchy. Walked with the boot laces almost undone and the tongues pulled out.  It was a lovely sunny day with the wind only gently increasing. Afternoon ride to the shops to catch up. Headwind going. Effortless with a tailwind coming back. Only 7 miles.

Saturday 31st 32-37F, 0-3C, bright but cloudy with the easterly wind increasing. The wind is highly variable. Going from roaring in the trees to quiet in mere moments. A handy wind direction for felling more trees. Though they relied on a tractor and rope to ensure there were no silly mistakes. Saw my first wagtails of this year foraging on a field near the road. I see huge numbers of them but almost always individuals. The Ecco boots are responding to loose laces but it is hardly practical for wandering on rougher surfaces. I left the boots clamped in G-cramps today. To apply more localized pressure from smaller, bare metal surfaces rather than broader, protective plastic, covers.   

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