12 Mar 2018

12th March 2018 Out at 52F!

Monday 12th 38-52F, 3-11C, calm with thick mist. Half of the traffic had no rear fog lights and the other half were driving on sidelights alone. Which is illegal in Denmark in any daytime conditions. Where headlights are a legal requirement at all times of the day and night. Many were speeding along the straights and cornering as badly as ever. But then, what is the opposite side of the road for, if not tom cut every corner and overshoot the rest?

Walked up to the woods and back along the marsh. A flock of perhaps 500 small birds were moving about in the marsh trees. None came near enough in the thick mist to identify them. They were all very quiet. The sun keeps trying to break through but is very soft. I was much too warm on my walk. Needing no gloves or hat.

It was the same problem on my ride to the shops. I forgot to check the thermometer before leaving in my winter gear. I rode back with my jacket open and no cap under my helmet. Fortunately I wore the thinner gloves. Only 7 miles.

Tuesday 13th 37F, 3C, light winds, heavy overcast, mist clearing. Next time you switch off a light to "save the planet" remember all the football pitches and sports grounds kept warm all winter for only occasional use. I suppose it hardly registers compared with the cost [to the planet] of leaving countless lights on in office blocks around the globe for the overnight cleaners.

Not to mention the air conditioning running night and day because architects know nothing about glass buildings and the greenhouse effect. If they put computers in charge of office block lights they could make patterns, letters and pictures by selectively leaving on lights. And turning off all the rest! Do Russian mafia oligarchs leave the AC/CH on in all their deliberately empty [investment] mansions around the globe?

A cool, grey and damp walk along the lanes. Late afternoon I was allowed out again to ride north to the shops. Headwind going, with fine drizzle on my cheap, yellow, safety glasses. It seemed more like a crosswind coming home with my rear lights flashing to warn the commuters. Most of whom gave me a wide berth. I would too if I saw an old fart doing 100rpm on such an unlikely contraption!

One driving fuckwit did brush past very closely in a small car. Which promptly turned right across my path! I only mention this because it is such unusual behaviour in Denmark. It probably occurs several times on every ride in the anarchy and mindless aggression of Gravely Blighted. Where one's road-going pecking order is strictly dictated by the make, year and model of one's mass produced Eurobox and any <cough> standard Manufacture's accessories. Like brakes and wheels and seat belts. Not that they ever use them, of course.

Perhaps this errant driving fuckwit was an immigrant? They wouldn't have learned the correct behavior towards cyclists from a 'proper,' Danish upbringing. Or perhaps they were simply senile? Or registered blind? I had an elderly neighbour with a brain tumour who became blind in one eye but continued to drive. But only the wrong side of the road. I met him head-on returning from the shops one day but just managed to avoid him by taking to the verge. He was probably on another booze run so he could sit outside and consume it all day long.

Or this bad driver may be one of the huge fraction of Danes on prescription 'happy' pills? This may explain why the Danes regularly <cough> score <cough> high on international happiness checks. They'll need all the pills they can get with a civil service, national strike in the offing. 1/4 of all Danes work for the government or as teachers, doctors, or what have you. So it will be mayhem. The politic-ooze are threatening to lock them out if they don't go on strike of their own accord.

Or the awful driver may be one of the many drunks who drive without a valid license, tax, insurance and routine vehicle safety tests. They eventually find themselves in routine traffic stops having already been banned numerous times. They pay the fine and then go straight out and buy another secondhand car and continue the same behaviour.

Having so few road cameras, particularly those with registration plate recognition software, means they are very unlikely to be caught by any other means. Not unless they foolishly misbehave in front of one of the very few police cars. The drunks automatically blame any <cough> accidents on a cat crossing the road in front of them. Causing them to swerve. A common trait amongst Danish cats, or so it seems. 13 miles, despite the pain in my ankles caused by my new walking boots. Grr?


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