25 Mar 2018

24th March 2018 Look Mummy! I'm Napoleon!


Saturday 24th 38F, 3C, light winds, mist and light drizzle. My boots are still hurting. A large, brown, bird of prey was moving around the shattered stumps of the felled trees. The contractors are now turning the same trees into chippings with a huge machine. Back to clamping the unwearable Ecco boots.

Afternoon ride to the shops. No sign of the promised sunshine. Moron driving far too close, fell asleep when the car in front of him indicated to pull into a car park. Swung wide straight into my path without a care or exposing a single brain cell to active use. Darwin was right. So are self driving cars. Only 7 miles, still not out.

Sunday 25th 40F, 4C, overcast, misty and calm.

Always the Napoleon delusion. Never his batman: Next time you see a cyclist do not assume a bicycle is all they can manage, or afford. Many cyclist are car drivers, van drivers, sports car drivers and even lorry drivers. Some are pilots or even astronauts. When you see a cyclist, never assume that they are riding the hundred yards to the shops. As you are behind the wheel of your stinking car. They may be 10, 100 or even 1000 miles "from home."

You have absolutely no way of telling yourself anything about them. Except that they choose to ride a bicycle for all its clear benefits, except weather protection. What you think of cyclists says a lot more about you, than cyclists. Many treat cyclists with an overt form of racism. If they seem lower on your rigid [non]sense of human hierarchy, than yourself, in your hundred yards car journey, then you are sorely mistaken. A car does not give you status. Though it may well label you as "a complete waster."

Car adverts are often some strange, alternative reality. They are often filmed on closed roads in a "poor" country and early in the morning to give the illusion that traffic will not exist for you alone. Except to turn their heads to admire "your ride." Or your fantasies about avoiding traffic and your ability to find short cuts that no other human being on Earth could possibly know about. I expect the advertisers believe in human abduction and flying saucers too. Probably  because they are aliens themselves. No human being with an ounce of morals would ever work in advertising.

In truth it's just another car to carry you more slowly across town than bicycles. Just as they have for decades in every town and city. Your laziness, as a short distance, city car driver, contributes to global warming and places massive demands on the health services. You are contributing to the ill health of yourself and countless children and adults along your route. As your "admirable ride" pours out toxins and soot particles.

For decades it was lead poisoning too. Because the car builders, politic-ooze and petrol companies were all in cahoots and nobody really cared as IQs fell steadily. So that future, short distance, city drivers wouldn't have enough marbles to build a realistic view of the world.

As they fight for personal supremacy according to their vehicular-specific delusions of hierarchy. And, so that they looked down on all cyclist as a hindrance. When, in reality, every cyclist speeds the traffic by not being a total moron behind the wheel of a big chunk of stinking, rusting toxicity. One of billions of toxic and dangerous boxes which kill hundreds of thousands of innocents every single year. Dictators, terrorists and gun manufacturers would give their right arms to have that much killing power. Except their hands are always too busy doing something else they'd rather you didn't know about.

Remember this, as you ride the world's slowest, hundred yards to the shops. Along will all the other lazy barstewards with delusions of grandeur. Road rage is just one of the symptoms of your serious delusions. See a psychiatrist. Or just get yourself a bicycle for the hundred yard run to the shops.

Short journeys are terribly wasteful of fuel and far more damaging to the cold engine and exhaust which never gets a chance to warm up. Every cyclist and pedestrian, can smell your foul unburnt fuel being spewed out of your standard issue, "sporting" waste overflow pipe as you pass them on the straights between
traffic lights.

If you really were Napoleon you wouldn't be driving yourself the hundred yards to the shops. Not in that stinking death trap. Would you?

"I'm a tree!"

Sunday 25th 40F, 4C, overcast, misty and calm. Despite the painful boots not having been improved by more hours of clamping, I walked a large loop around the fields. This may not be a good idea because the farmers have been spraying. Even on the other side of our field boundary hedge yesterday afternoon while I was working outside. I have been having headaches and dizziness again. Typical symptoms for this time of year. A large brown bird of prey was having a dogfight with aggressive crows as it flew away from my clomping presence on the road. A Chaffinch was drowning out a sweet Yellowhammer's song in a roadside tree. The fields were well furnished with skylarks just being skylarks. Nothing else, comes close.

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