1 Apr 2018

Sunday 1st April. Snow? April fool! No! It's actually snowing!

Sunday 1st April 32F, 0C, light wind, heavy overcast, snowing lightly but steadily onto an inch of overnight snow.

I'm going for a walk. I may be some time. Never ask a man his intentions when he leaves home with a shovel.

The roads were saturated with a little wet slush here and there for decoration. I was regularly hurling myself onto the verges to avoid tyre spray. The sticky, falling snow slowly reduced. As I limped slightly less than  usual as the Ecco boots gave up the unequal struggle against my determined assault.

Easter Monday 2nd 25-46F, 4-8C, light winds, overnight frost made the ground firm. Enjoyed a longer walk along the marsh and around the forest, then back downhill. Disturbed a bird of prey, hundreds of Chaffinches, two hares and one deer. The irony is I like birds and wild animals but they'd be happier if I was friendly at a [much] greater distance. The boots vary in discomfort all the time but at least they aren't crippling me any more. Nor should they, after all the hours and hours of clamping the thick folds on the tongues. A mostly sunny day but rather misty sky with plenty of cloud. No ride today.

Tuesday 3rd 35-46F, 2-7C, misty and breezy with a very heavy overcast and patchy dusting of overnight snow. A bit damp on my walk with only Wood pigeons claiming the limelight. I kept stepping onto the verge to avoid tyre spray from passing traffic. The Ecco boots are still niggling on my right ankle bone. The left must be numb!

Mid afternoon ride in thick mist with flashing rear lights and wearing a florescent bolero. Roughly half of the vehicles had only side lights showing and only one quarter of them, rear fog lights. That included several vast, articulated lorries. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles to show dipped headlights both day and night in Denmark. So they were doubly breaking the law. No reduction in speed, cutting every corner and overshooting every corner as usual. Several clipped close past me as the only oncoming vehicle, for miles, drew alongside. No police = No laws broken. 15 miles, still not out! The mist had cleared on the way home but it rained for about a mile. Becoming much milder at last.

Wednesday 4th 45F, 7C, heavy overcast, light breeze. The boots needed to be left unlaced beyond the bend in the ankle otherwise they are still too painful to walk in. Walked up the hill to tease the gulls. They were separated into two flocks out on the field. One flock were all Black-headed gulls. The others probably Common gulls. Early breaks in the cloud promised fleeting sunshine but have now vanished into uniform grey. Saw a small bird with green flecked sides, a sparrow's back and a raised crest. Possible female Siskin, with poor colour, dragged through a hedge backwards? Otherwise it does not exist.

Afternoon ride to the shops in bright but cloudy 52F. Remembered to scale down the winter clothing today. Unlike yesterday, when I had a mobile sauna in my "best" winter cycling jacket, medieval hood and gloves. Plenty of nutters out today. I was nearly taken off by a [criminally insane] raving lunatic in an Audi! Who chopped right to the other verge on a blind corner with double white lines and little old me just pedaling around it. Another fuckwit floored his Eurobox to give himself the doubtful pleasure of catching me up [in a built up area] and blasting his horn as I turned across a perfect gap in the traffic. 

Later, two kids were having a race and using the whole road where there are double white lines for several twisty miles. No police? No road crime. A speed camera  put up anywhere around here would pay for several new, coal-fired battleships in a week. A deafening American fighter in only a month. Saw a couple of serious cyclists out training. Only 7 miles, still not out.

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