29 Apr 2018

29th April 2018: Natural spring.


Friday 27th 50-60F, 10-11C, bright but windy. A deliberately brisk walk to the village and back in light traffic.

Saturday 28th 50-54F, 10-12C, bright but rather cloudy with light winds. Walked around the rural block. Only about three miles.When I first started riding again I used to thrash around the block and then need a lie down. Unbelievable when I think back about it but it shows how unfit I was for cycling. Even though I did a lot of lifting at work I was pot bellied and flabby from years of free Danish pastries and drinking lots of milk. It took some time before I could manage ten miles while trying to ride as fast as possible all the time. A habit I learned in my youth and could never break. The silly old devil never learns.

I was allowed out for a Saturday morning shop in a side wind. Doing 20mph for a while. Though it was bumpy going where the new cycle path still hasn't been properly surfaced. I was maintaining mid-90s rpm with stints up to 110. Well laden on the way back. Saw a Harrier on one side of the road and another smaller raptor with a strangely yellow back and jet black wing tips on the other side of the road. The smaller bird  disappeared into a stand of fuel willows. My new DHB  shorts were comfortable and didn't slip down like the old ones when I stood up on the pedals. I climbed several 200 yard hills out of the saddle today and seemed to be going remarkably well.

Sunday 29th 52F, bright overcast, still. I walked to the far beech woods to capture spring with my camera. Saw several Hares again. More geese with no sense of direction and flying in noisy circles. The smaller birds were sleeping in today. Only later did they begin to show themselves. Too busy for  a ride. Yesterday was the first sign of 'weekend warriors' out training. I saw several solo cyclists but still no groups.

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